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  • Best Adrien Brody Movies

    Best Adrien Brody Movies

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    List of the best Adrien Brody movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Adrien Brody's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions around...more

  • Hot Adrien Brody Photos

    Hot Adrien Brody Photos

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    The best Adrien Brody pictures, best known for his Oscar-winning performance in The Pianist, from around the Internet. Besides being a tremendous actor, the sexy New York native began acting at an early age and has been ...more

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    Adrien Brody is currently #258 on:

    The Greatest Film Actors & Actresses of All Time

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    Some of the greatest actors of all time have, in recent days, turned into a bunch of washed-up hacks that would be somehow become more ...

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  • 41of 44
    Adrien Brody is #41 on:

    40+ Famous People Who Never Married

    views: 540243

    Brody's dating history includes A-listers like Tori Amos, Keira Knightley, and January Jones, he's never tied the knot.

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    Adrien Brody is #14 on:

    The Best Actors Worthy of Playing Doctor Strange

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    Adrien Brody is #13 on:

    Actors Who Almost Got the Part in a DC Film

    views: 432

    Considered for: The JokerIt was long rumored that Adrien Brody was up for the Joker, and was apparently even a final contender, in Chri...

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    Adrien Brody is #13 on:

    DC Comics Fancast: The Man-Bat

    views: 625

    DC Comics. Batman. Dr Robert Kirkland "Kirk" Langstrom. Giant Bat

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    Adrien Brody is #41 on:

    Famous Aries Celebrities

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    This list of famous Aries is a cross-section of all the most notable celebrity Aries and a description of Aries traits. Those born betw...

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    The Most Extreme Body Transformations Done for Movie Roles

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    List of movie stars who drastically changed their body for a movie role contains pictures of actors' body transformations for parts. So...

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    Adrien Brody is #19 on:

    25 Actors Who Stay in Character Off Camera

    views: 5380

    Adrien Brody sold everything he owned and moved to Europe to get into character for The Pianist. He also deprived himself of food....

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    Adrien Brody is #7 on:

    Actors in the Most Wes Anderson Movies

    views: 1156

    1. The Darjeeling Limited (2007)2. Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)3. The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

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    Adrien Brody is #17 on:

    Famous People Who Own Hummers

    views: 1283

    The Darjeeling Limited actor Adrien Brody owns a Hummer H2.

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    Adrien Brody is #27 on:

    34 Celebrities Who Own Motorcycles

    views: 1364

    The Pianist actor Adrien Brody owns a Yamaha R1.

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    Adrien Brody is #15 on:

    50+ Celebrities Who Have Gorgeous, Green Eyes

    views: 239

    Adrien Brody has green eyes.

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    Adrien Brody is #34 on:

    Famous People Who Own Ferraris

    views: 1739

    The Pianist actor Adrien Brody owns a Ferrari California.

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