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    Albuquerque is currently #43 on:

    The Best U.S. Cities for Vacations

    views: 48676

    Vacationing in cities may not be as restful as spending a week or two out by the lake, and it may not always be the best option for fam...

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    Albuquerque is currently #26 on:

    Cities That Should Have a Baseball Team

    views: 16517

    Cities that should have a baseball team include the large metropolitan areas in the United States and Canada that are currently lacking...

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    Albuquerque is currently #15 on:

    Cities That Should Have a Basketball Team

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    List of cities that should have a professional basketball team is a list cities that should have an NBA team and don't. These cities ar...

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    Albuquerque is currently #11 on:

    US Cities That Should Have an NFL Team

    views: 24274

    Cities that should have a football team are the populous and thriving cities across the United States that are deserving of a home Nati...

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    Albuquerque is #1 on:

    MSNBC's 14 Worst-Teeth US Cities

    views: 3633

    Apart from the well known factors that harm the teeth, other factors, like having hard water or a dry climate, can also stain teeth or ...

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    Albuquerque is #32 on:

    The Best Cities for Young Couples

    views: 8788

    List of the best cities for young couples. Being a newlywed is exciting because it’s the start of a whole new life with the person you ...

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    Albuquerque is #18 on:

    The Best Cities for Allergies

    views: 933

    List of the top cities for people with allergies. It comes around every Spring, that plague known as allergy season. You may spend most...

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    Albuquerque is #18 on:

    The Best Places to Ride a Hot Air Balloon

    views: 377

    This is a ranked list of the best places for hot air ballooning as voted on by men and women. These places include some of the most bea...

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    Albuquerque is #62 on:

    AAA Vacation Destinations

    views: 14355

    The top 100 AAA vacations for your family vacation destination. The most popular vacation spots according to AAA's Travel Agency. These...

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    Albuquerque is #33 on:

    Largest Cities in the USA (2009)

    views: 8097

    population: 529,219

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    Albuquerque is #35 on:

    Gay Events & Pride Parades Around the World

    views: 15730

    Albuquerque Pride Southwest Gay And Lesbian Film Festival

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    Albuquerque is #9 on:

    America's Most Fittest Cities

    views: 3319

    2008 list from U.S. News of cities with the fittest citizens. Residents here must have lots of healthy foods to eat. For full article g...

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    Albuquerque is #8 on:

    U.S. Cities with the Highest Minimum Wage

    views: 4925

    $8.60 per hour vs. New Mexico's $7.50 per hour

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    Albuquerque is #5 on:

    Major U.S. Cities Without Any Major League Sports

    views: 462

    2013 est. population: 556,495Albuquerque has Division I NCAA sports available with the UNM Lobos Area pro teams include:Albuquerqu...


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