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    TV Shows Canceled Before Their Time

    views: 265805

    List of canceled TV shows that didn't deserve to die is ranked by TV fans around the world. From shows that ended too soon to shows tha...

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    The Greatest TV Shows of All-Time

    views: 118307

    Choosing the greatest TV shows of all time means taking into account the best TV dramas, the best TV comedies, the best cartoons, and e...

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    ALF is currently #126 on:

    The Best TV Shows of Recent Memory

    views: 207528

    This best TV show list represents the combined opinions of thousands of TV fans. Anyone can vote on this list of the best TV shows of r...

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    The Best Sci Fi Television Series of All Time

    views: 245882

    A list of the best sci-fi shows and best sci-fi series of all time, as ranked by hundreds of Ranker voters. This list includes long-run...

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    The Funniest TV Characters of All Time

    views: 167510

    These are the funniest television characters ever created, as determined by the votes and selections of Ranker users. Lots of things ma...

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    ALF is currently #66 on:

    The Greatest Sitcoms in Television History

    views: 248658

    Best sitcoms ever to air on television includes some of the greatest sitcoms of all time as ranked by fans of TV. What's the best sitco...

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    ALF is currently #63 on:

    Canceled Shows We'd Most Like to See as Movies

    views: 27680

    This list of canceled shows we'd like to see as movies includes a lot of huge cult favorites. Obviously this list isn't complete, so fe...

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    ALF is currently #49 on:

    The Most Annoying TV & Film Characters Ever

    views: 28745

    You know them. You hate them. Honestly, I don't even know why these characters exist. Did someone think they were funny? Maybe adorable...

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    ALF is currently #11 on:

    The Best '80s Sitcoms

    views: 127758

    What are the best Eighties sitcoms? The 1980s were truly a golden age for television comedy, with many of the most popular TV sitcoms d...

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    ALF is currently #78 on:

    The Funniest TV Shows Ever

    views: 128440

    The funniest TV shows ever range from some of the best TV shows of recent memory to some of the best TV shows of all time. These hilari...

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    ALF is currently #38 on:

    The Creepiest Characters on Television

    views: 28843

    The creepiest characters on television mess with our heads, leave us wondering and stick in our heads for a long time after their respe...

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    ALF is currently #63 on:

    What Shows Do You Most Want on Netflix Streaming?

    views: 42470

    What TV shows do you most want on Netflix streaming? While Netflix does offer some great streaming TV shows, and will likely add more i...

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    ALF is currently #47 on:

    The Best Series Finales

    views: 37271

    This list of the best series finales in television is a somber reminder that no matter how much you love a TV character or a show, in t...

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    ALF is currently #22 on:

    The Best NBC Comedies of All Time

    views: 33607

    The best NBC comedies of all time include classic sitcoms that captivated television audiences for years. This list of the greatest NBC...

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    ALF is currently #51 on:

    The Greatest Characters We Watched Grow Up on TV

    views: 74217


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    Best Puppet TV Shows

    views: 175779

    The very best puppet shows on television, ranked from best to worst. This list of the greatest puppet shows also includes pictures from...

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    ALF is #16 on:

    The Greatest 80's TV Shows

    views: 973

    These are some of the best shows that happened in the 1980's. Your vote decides what show was the best in one of the golden ages of TV....

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    My 100 Favorite Sitcoms of All Time!

    views: 592

    My 100 favorite sitcoms of all time!

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