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Alien is a 1979 science-fiction horror film directed by Ridley Scott, and starring Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton, John Hurt, Ian Holm and Yaphet Kotto. The film's title refers to a highly aggressive extraterrestrial creature that stalks and kills the crew of a spaceship. Dan O'Bannon wrote the screenplay from a story he wrote with Ronald Shusett, drawing influence from previous works of science fiction and horror. The film w...

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  • The Best Alien Movies On Netflix Instant

    334 Votes

    Extra terrestrials are out there, and by "there" we mean on Netflix. Here are the best alien movies on Netflix Instant, ranked by movie fans like you. Netflix has made it difficult more

  • 50 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Alien

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    The wildly popular Alien film franchise is beloved by fans and a commonly held cultural icon, but what behind the scenes facts and Alien trivia might you not know? If you love the Alien more

  • The Best Alien Characters of All Time

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    There have been plenty of characters from outer space in film and television, but which ones were the best alien characters of all time? For this poll fans have gathered a list of the more

  • The Best Alien Superheroes of All Time

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    What is it about aliens that makes them such good super heroes? Is it because it's so easy to give them super powers? Is it that they view our world with an outside perspective that lets us more

  • The Best 1950s Alien Movies

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    In the 1950s, sci-fi films were made with low budgets and B-movie stars because no one thought that they would ever make a big profit. While this did put monetary restrictions on filmmakers, more

  • The Best '60s Alien Movies

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    Aside from Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey, the best 60's alien films were usually a little bit more on the campy, cult-following side. There weren't many more


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