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    Amy Pond is currently #58 on:

    The Greatest Female TV Characters of All Time

    views: 68988

    The greatest female TV characters of all time. This list includes some of the greatest television characters in history from dramatic s...

  • 77of 122
    Amy Pond is currently #77 on:

    The Saddest Television Deaths Ever

    views: 102896

    Spoilers everywhere, of course! List of the saddest TV deaths as voted and ranked by fans. TV shows have long been able to penetrate th...

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    Amy Pond is currently #1 on:

    The Greatest Doctor Who Companions of All Time

    views: 90510

    These are the greatest Doctor Who companions of the sci-fi series in history, as voted on by a rabid group of Who fans.  Doct...

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    Amy Pond is #4 on:

    The Best Doctor Who Companion...Ever

    views: 1573

    We love all the companions, but some are better than others. Vote on this list to see who really are the best of the best.

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    Amy Pond is #6 on:

    Greatest Doctor Who Companions (2005-)

    views: 553

    Ah Amy Pond, her and Rory together would probably be put in the top 3, but since I'm ranking this individually she takes the sixth spot...


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