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  • Best Andy Warhol Quotes

    Best Andy Warhol Quotes

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    A list of the best Andy Warhol quotes. This list is arranged by which famous Andy Warhol quotes have received the most votes, so only the greatest Andy Warhol quotes are at the top of the list. All the most popular quote...more

  • Movies Produced by Andy Warhol

    Movies Produced by Andy Warhol

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    List of popular Andy Warhol movies, listed here alphabetically with movie trailers when available. Various bits of information about these films are included with each film, such as the actors that starred in them and wh...more

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    Andy Warhol is currently #212 on:

    People We Wish Were Still Alive

    views: 495642

    RIP to our world's greatest achievers, those who changed the way we live and the ways we thought. This list of people we wish were stil...

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    Andy Warhol is #20 on:

    The Top Earning Dead Celebrities of the Year

    views: 57982

    Ever wondered who was the highest paid dead performer last year? Forbes details the richest dead musicians, dead actors, and dead actre...

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    Andy Warhol is #8 on:

    38 Celebrities Who (Probably) Have Asperger's Syndrome

    views: 149598

    Andy Warhol is suspected to have had Aspergers syndrome because of his eccentric personality, unique way of viewing things, and the rep...

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    Andy Warhol is #1 on:

    The Best Pop Art Artists

    views: 112937

    List of famous Pop art artists, with images, bios, and information about their notable works. All the greatest artists associated with ...

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    Andy Warhol is #2 on:

    15 Famous People with Autism

    views: 7958

    Experts believe that Andy Warhol's social ineptitude, use of minimal words in speech and difficulty recognizing friends are all signs t...

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    Andy Warhol is #43 on:

    Catholic Celebrities

    views: 15823

    Andy Warhol was raised by Catholic parents, and he practiced the religion throughout his life. Supposedly, the pop art superstar went t...

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    Andy Warhol is #22 on:

    27 Brilliant People Who Were Addicted to Drugs

    views: 1747

    Artist Andy Warhol took an Adderall-type drug to keep his attention focused on his work.

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    Andy Warhol is #3 on:

    Every Person Who Has Been Immortalized in a Google Doodle

    views: 5025

    August 6, 2002

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    Andy Warhol is #292 on:

    Celebrities You Didn't Know Use Stage Names

    views: 359863

    List of celebrities with stage names, loosely ranked according to fame and popularity. It's tough to break into show business, but a go...

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    Andy Warhol is #15 on:

    340+ Uncircumcised Celebrities

    views: 737141

    A list of famous man who are not circumcised. Originally the practice of ancient religions and cults, circumcision regained its popular...

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    Andy Warhol is #4 on:

    16 Famous People Who Probably Died as Virgins

    views: 27405

    In a 1980 interview, Andy Warhol claimed that he was still a virgin. Warhol died seven years later, but his sexual status remained a qu...


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