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    The Best Marvel Villains

    views: 12195

    The best Marvel villains are the men and women at the root of the best superheros' existences. These spectacular bad guys are the best ...

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    The Best Comic Book Villains

    views: 4937

    Who are the best comic book villains of all time? This list of top supervillains in comics includes some of the most notorious evil-doe...

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    Marvel Superheroes That Really Need to Get Out of the Closet

    views: 11472

    If there's a crypto gay character in Marvel, this may be. Carrott Top was perfect to play him some years ago. Now, I would undoubtfully...

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    X-Men Villains

    views: 103209

    All about X-Men enemies. This is a list containing all the names of the villains of the X-Men. Enemies were compiles from various sourc...

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    Captain America's Enemies

    views: 28257

    Here is a full list of all Captain America villains and enemies names. The complete list of Captain America rogues gallery is found bel...


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