Justice League: Doom, The Dark Knight Rises

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    The Best Comic Book Villains

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    Who are the best comic book villains of all time? This list of top supervillains in comics includes some of the most notorious evil-doe...

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    The Best Movie Villains of All Time

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    These are the greatest, most vile movie characters we love to hate, ranked by the wisdom of the crowd. Anyone can contribute to this li...

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    Bane is currently #9 on:

    The Best Characters from Batman Comics

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    The DC Universe has some great characters in it, but perhaps Gotham City has some of the best. Being non-superpowered, Batman's allies ...

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    Bane is #3 on:

    Best Tom Hardy Characters of All Time

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    Tom Hardy characters list, ranked from best to worst along with movie clips when available. These roles are ordered by the number of vo...

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    Bane is #12 on:

    The Most Iconic Masks in Movie History

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    Masks have been popular in all forms of entertainment since... there's been entertainment. They were one of the first, if not the very ...

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    Bane is #9 on:

    20 Misunderstood Villains

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    These are scheming, mischievous vengeful villains that you can't help feeling just a little bit bad for. Given their own tragic circums...

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    Bane is #12 on:

    Top 100 Comic Book Villains

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    50 Behind the Scenes Photos of Movie Villains

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    Some of the greatest movie villains can give us nightmares if we just spend too much time thinking about their faces. But are they real...

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    The Greatest Masked Villains

    views: 1084

    Appears in: The Dark Knight Rises"Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask." He says it best himself. Without that bit ...

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    Bane is #10 on:

    Top 10 Batman Supervillains

    views: 245

    The only one to ever break the Bat, Bane really carved his name as one of the most memorable adversaries to the dark knight. After a dr...


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