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  • 68of 184
    Blur is currently #68 on:

    The Greatest Musical Artists of the '90s

    views: 475094

    The greatest and most prolific artist of one of music's most treasured decades are remembered on this list. Seeing as I ranked the grea...

  • 305of 568
    Blur is currently #305 on:

    The Best Rock Bands of All Time

    views: 503909

    The best rock bands ever, ranked by music fans worldwide. Anyone can vote on this best rock bands list, which makes these rankings a tr...

  • 271of 318
    Blur is currently #271 on:

    The Greatest Musical Artists of All Time

    views: 75723

    When VH1 polled fellow artists to name the greatest artists of all time, it seemed like a good idea---but in reality, the list was trul...

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  • 2of 43
    Blur is #2 on:

    Best Britpop Bands/Artists

    views: 30272

    Britpop artists list, with photos, ranked best to worst by votes. List of good britpop bands includes a filter so you can sort by the g...

  • 18of 24
    Blur is #18 on:

    The Best Band Name Origins Stories

    views: 38029

    Coming on to the scene in the wake of the Stone Roses, "Seymour" joined the grand British pop tradition defined by the likes ...

  • 79of 100
    Blur is #79 on:

    TOP 140 Bands/Artists In Rock In My Opinion

    views: 1676

    Dont bitch if your fave band is not higher , its my list ,

  • 16of 31
    Blur is #16 on:

    Coachella 2013, Ranked

    views: 237

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