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    Bobby Brown is currently #27 on:

    The Greatest Dancing Singers

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    We know them for their lyrical talent (or lack of) but the real question is, can they bust a move?After ranking the best singers a whil...

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    Bobby Brown is currently #91 on:

    The Best Pop Artists of the 1980s

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    The 1980s was a huge decade in terms of breaking pop stars. With the rising popularity of cable television, movie channels were popular...

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    Bobby Brown is currently #74 on:

    The Greatest 80s Teen Stars

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    The greatest teen stars of the '80s are well-remembered on this countdown. They were everywhere--they ruled the box office, kept butts ...

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    Bobby Brown is currently #14 on:

    Celebrities Who Most Seem Like They Are Riddled with STDs

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    List of celebrities who seem like they are riddled with STDs. We aren't saying the stars on the list below are carrying a sexually tran...

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    Bobby Brown is currently #179 on:

    Celebrity Death Pool 2014

    views: 161252

    Celebrity death pool 2014 is a list of celebrities who might die in 2014. Every year we lose more and more famous celebrities. Whether ...

  • 55of 152
    Bobby Brown is currently #55 on:

    Americans Who Least Deserve Fame & Fortune

    views: 294222

    How did these "celebrities" ever become so rich and famous? What did they even do to earn their fame? Some of these awful peo...

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  • 32of 57
    Bobby Brown is #32 on:

    Top Boy Band Members of All-Time

    views: 2104

  • 84of 100
    Bobby Brown is #84 on:

    The Best Solo Artists Who Used to Front a Band

    views: 3207

    New Edition

  • 17of 26
    Bobby Brown is #17 on:

    26 Celebrities with Problem Children

    views: 136165

    Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, born March 4, 1993, was caught doing what looked to be cocaine on a v...

  • 6of 17
    Bobby Brown is #6 on:

    Celebrity Marriages 2010: Famous Marriage List for 2010

    views: 36721

    Reported May 9, Bobby Brown proposed to his girlfriend, Alicia Etheridge. Brown popped the question on stage at the Metro Park, in Jack...

  • 12of 33
    Bobby Brown is #12 on:

    33 Celebrities Who Went to Betty Ford Clinic Rehab

    views: 326

    Bobby Brown went to the Betty Ford Center in 1995. He continues to struggle with drug and alcohol abuse on and off to this day.

  • 12of 57
    Bobby Brown is #12 on:

    Karinne Steffans' Loves & Hookups

    views: 14919

    Who is Karinne Steffans dating? Who Karinne Steffans dated; list of Karinne Steffans loves, ex boyfriends; breakup rumors. Karinne Stef...

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    Bobby Brown is #53 on:

    81 Celebrities with at Least 4 Kids

    views: 3694

    Bobby Brown has five children: Landon (born 1986) with an ex-girlfriend, LaPrincia (born 1990) and Robert Barisford Brown, Jr. (born 19...

  • 6of 29
    Bobby Brown is #6 on:

    29 Famous Celebrity Deadbeat Dads

    views: 34894

    Bobby Brown -- who was famously married to the late Whitney Houston for 15 years -- has a history of skipping out on his child support ...


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