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    Bruce Jenner is currently #178 on:

    The Biggest Douchebags in Hollywood

    views: 809212

    The biggest douchebags in Hollywood are the people we love to hate and wish we could remove from our happy, cozy world. These people ar...

  • 9of 68
    Bruce Jenner is currently #9 on:

    Celebrities Who Have Aged the Worst

    views: 13758307

    You know who isn't aging horribly? Doug Flutie's daughter. These cheerleading photos are jaw dropping!

  • 524of 935
    Bruce Jenner is currently #524 on:

    The Best Athletes of All Time

    views: 104877

    The greatest athletes of all time: a list of the most dominant, iconic athletes to ever play sports. This list gathers sports star...

  • 43of 75
    Bruce Jenner is currently #43 on:

    The Greatest Left-Handed Athletes of All Time

    views: 27872

    The greatest left-handed athletes of all time are some of the greatest men and women to ever play baseball, basketball, football, hocke...

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  • 3of 30
    Bruce Jenner is #3 on:

    Celebrities Who Look Worse After Plastic Surgery

    views: 103841

    VH1's list of celebrities who have had plastic surgery that came out horribly wrong. Unfortunately, these people turned out for the wor...

  • 12of 30
    Bruce Jenner is #12 on:

    The Most Obvious Celebrity Plastic Surgery

    views: 20425

    The most obvious celebrity plastic surgery cases include many of our favorite celebrities who for one reason or another have undergone ...

  • 22of 42
    Bruce Jenner is #22 on:

    The Most Blatant Celebrity Botox

    views: 41960

    The most blatant celebrity Botox cases include those celebrities who willingly admit to using Botox injections to those who couldn't de...

  • 64of 80
    Bruce Jenner is #64 on:

    80 Famous People with ADHD

    views: 3807

    Bruce Jenner was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and struggled though school.

  • 38of 61
    Bruce Jenner is #38 on:

    60+ Famous People with Dyslexia

    views: 2412

    Bruce Jenner on his dyslexia... "If I wasn't dyslexic, I probably wouldn't have won the Games. If I had been a better reader, then...

  • 12of 20
    Bruce Jenner is #12 on:

    20 Famous People with Arthritis

    views: 3337

    Bruce Jenner has been living with oesteoarthritis for 20 years.

  • 19of 30
    Bruce Jenner is #19 on:

    30 Worst Dressed Male Celebrities

    views: 500

  • 24of 29
    Bruce Jenner is #24 on:

    29 Famous Celebrity Deadbeat Dads

    views: 25816

    The Olympian-turned-reality-star wasn't around much for the first decade of his son, Brody Jenner's, life. While Bruce has been a fine ...

  • 39of 76
    Bruce Jenner is #39 on:

    70+ Famous People with Porsches

    views: 1422

    Olympian & reality star Bruce Jenner owns a Porsche GT3 RS.

  • 17of 52
    Bruce Jenner is #17 on:

    Famous People with Rolls Royces

    views: 364

    Olympian Bruce Jenner owns a Rolls Royce Ghost.

  • 34of 38
    Bruce Jenner is #34 on:

    38 Famous People Who Were Boy Scouts

    views: 10373

    A list of famous people who were real-life scouts. This crowdranked list includes celebrities, politicians and other notable personalit...


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