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    Top Must-Read Books of All-Time

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    List of the best must-read books of all time - aka books everyone should read. These are the novels, autobiographies, and short books t...

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    Books That Changed My Life

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    The most life changing books, ranked by the wisdom of the crowd of hundreds of people. If you are looking for books that will change yo...

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    The Most Overrated Books of All Time

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    This list of bad books not to read is ranked by literature fans worldwide. Anyone can vote on this list of the worst books, which makes...

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    The Best Novels Ever Written

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    This is the ultimate list of the best novels of all time, which is based on influence, originality, popularity, and personal affections...

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    The Observer's 100 Greatest Books

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    The Observer's list of the 100 best novels of all-time. For the full article go to:

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    Radcliffe's Top 100 Books of the Century

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    Radcliffe's list of the 100 best novels of the 20th century. Anyone interested in modern literature should read these books as they are...

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    104 Famous Novels With Catchy First Lines

    views: 165710

    It was love at first sight.

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    The Best Postmodern Novels

    views: 3904

    List of the best postmodern novels from popular authors such as Kurt Vonnegut, Thomas Pynchon and Don DeLillo that are reactions agains...

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    The Greatest Experimental Literature

    views: 652

    This is a list about the greatest experimental literature; it answers the question, “What are the top experimental novels of all time?”...

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    The Best Absurdist Fiction Novels

    views: 3408

    List of the best absurdist fiction novels from various time periods with the title and the author's name listed next to images of the n...


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