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    Cersei Baratheon is currently #20 on:

    The Best Game of Thrones Characters

    views: 46383

    List of the best, most interesting characters from HBO's "Game of Thrones" series. Though the complicated study of power dyna...

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    Cersei Baratheon is currently #13 on:

    The Greatest Female Villains

    views: 59975

    The best female villains include women whose roles are truly iconic and evil. Some of the greatest movie and television villains ever m...

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    Cersei Baratheon is currently #26 on:

    The Greatest Female TV Characters of All Time

    views: 35620

    The greatest female TV characters of all time. This list includes some of the greatest television characters in history from dramatic s...

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    Cersei Baratheon is currently #43 on:

    The Best TV Villains of All Time

    views: 10893

    The best TV villains of all time rank among some of the greatest TV characters of all time as well as some of the creepiest TV characte...

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    Cersei Baratheon is currently #13 on:

    Favorite TV Characters

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    Cersei Baratheon is #33 on:

    The Hottest Female Villains

    views: 29442

    List of the hottest female villains in film and TV, ranked according to their sexiness. These ladies are pure spiteful hateful evil out...

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    Cersei Baratheon is #6 on:

    Most Evil Game Of Thrones Characters

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    Cersei Baratheon is #3 on:

    Game Of Thrones Death Pool

    views: 81

    *SPOILERS*SPOILERS*SPOILERS*The "Game of Thrones" death pool excludes characters who have already been killed off on the HBO ...

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    Cersei Baratheon is #2 on:

    Least Favorite Game of Thrones Character

    views: 216

    My top 15 Least Favorite Characters on Game of Thrones.

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