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    Who are the hottest women over 60? This list includes some true beauties, women whose looks never faded, despite the passing of decades...

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    26 Celebrities Who Are Quakers

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    Cheryl Tiegs was raised in a Quaker household. Her family lived on a farm in Minnesota before moving to California in 1952.

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    Cheryl Tiegs is #39 on:

    40 Celebrity Women Who Gave Birth After 40

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    Supermodel Cheryl Tiegs had her first child, Zack, at age 44.

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    18 Famous People Who Used a Surrogate Mother

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    Supermodel Cheryl Tiegs and her fourth husband, Rod Stryker, had twin sons, Jaden Joseph and Theo Reid, via a surrogate in June 2000.Ti...

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    53 Famous Women Who Used to Be Girl Scouts

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    Celebrities with Twin Children

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    Jaden and Theo, b. 2000, with Rod Stryker

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