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    The Best Singers of All Time

    views: 96534

    Who are the best singers of all time? That's a tough question to ask. This list includes many of the greatest vocalists ever, from all ...

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    Chris Martin is currently #123 on:

    The Best Frontmen in Rock

    views: 138439

    Giving out the title of best frontman in rock is like crowning someone the king of rock and roll. There are so many factors that go int...

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    The (Male) Singer You Most Wish You Could Sound Like

    views: 10586

    What male singer's voice would you most like to have? This is a different question than "who are the best vocalists ever?" - ...

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    E!Online's Regulars At Disneyland

    views: 6765

    E! Online's list of celebrities you might see at Disneyland. These Disneyland regulars love to visit the Happiest Place on Earth and of...

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    Best Baroque Pop Bands/Artists

    views: 9203

    Baroque pop artists list, with photos, ranked best to worst by votes. List of good baroque pop bands includes a filter so you can sort ...

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    Famous People with Tinnitus

    views: 28662

    Chris Martin has developed tinnitus as a result of his years playing loud, live music with Coldplay.

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    Chris Martin is #22 on:

    Famous (Alleged) Ordo Templis Orientis Members List

    views: 8755

    List of Famous Ordo Templis Orientis Members ranked by fame and popularity. Ordo Templis Orientis otherwise known as OTO is an internat...

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    42 Famous People Who Stutter

    views: 6891

    Coldplay front man Chris Martin had a stutter growing up, and he still occasionally stutters today.

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    The Most Outrageous Celebrity Attacks on Paparazzi

    views: 2382

    In 2008, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin took wife Gwyneth Paltrow to the hospital in New York. Paparazzi gathered outside, asking Paltr...

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    Famous Rhythm Guitarists

    views: 9389

    Band Name: Coldplay

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    75+ Celebrities Who Fight for Animal Rights

    views: 2728

    Coldplay front man Chris Martin supports Greenpeace and other environmental and animal rights organizations.

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    Top Ten Toy Boys

    views: 4023

    married to Gwyneth Paltrow who is 5 years older than him.

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    Celebrities Who Quit Drinking

    views: 7474

    Coldplay frontman Chris Martin stopped drinking when Coldplay was recording their first album. The singer now stays away from drugs, al...

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    43 Celebrities With Gap Teeth

    views: 106911

    This is a list of famous people with gap teeth. These gap-toothed celebs have at least one thing in common: they love to smile! Dental ...


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