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  • Best Daniel Day-Lewis Movies List

    Best Daniel Day-Lewis Movies List

    by Reference views: 7699

    List of the best Daniel Day-Lewis movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Daniel Day-Lewis's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon million...more

  • Best Daniel Day-Lewis Characters of All Time

    Best Daniel Day-Lewis Characters of All Time

    by Reference views: 175

    Daniel Day-Lewis characters list, ranked from best to worst with clips from the movie when available. These Daniel Day-Lewis roles include both movie and television appearances when available. This is a list that feature...more

  • The Most Intense Method Actor Performances in Movie History

    The Most Intense Method Actor Performances in Movie History

    by Coy Jandreau views: 3791

    The term "Method Acting" is used very loosely these days. Wikipedia describes it as "a group of techniques actors use to create in themselves the thoughts and feelings of their character so as to create li...more

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    DC Comics Fancast: Professor Hugo Strange

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    DC Comics. Batman. Prof Hugo Strange. Mad psychologist

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    Bioshock Fan Cast: Booker DeWitt

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    Been a while but returning to my Video Game fan casts with the Bioshock series, starting with Booker DeWitt, the main protagonist ...

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    Julia Roberts's Loves & Hookups

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    25 Actors Who Stay in Character Off Camera

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    Daniel Day Lewis is probably the actor best known for staying in character off camera. Reportedly, he would send text messages as "...

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    Oscar Bait: The Actors the Academy Loves

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    Straight Actors Who Have Played Gay

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    Daniel Day-Lewis played Johnny in the film My Beautiful Laundrette (1985). Lewis has been married to Rebecca Miller since 1996.

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    Daniel Day-Lewis is #7 on:

    26 Actors Who Have Played Hamlet

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    Daniel Day-Lewis played Hamlet at the National Theatre, London in 1989.

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    Actors in the Most Martin Scorsese Movies

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    1. The Age of Innocence (1993)2. Gangs of New York (2002)

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    30 of the Biggest Triple Threats in Entertainment

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    Oscar darling Daniel Day-Lewis showed off his ability to dance and sing in the 2009 musical film Nine.


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