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    Daniela Ruah is currently #92 on:

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    2013 TV Awards: Best Actress in a Network Drama

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    Daniela Ruah is currently #114 on:

    The People's 2011 Maxim Hot 100 List

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    Daniela Ruah is #1 on:

    Twitter Rankings: Top Twitter Celebrities

    views: 39876

    You can't be best friends with them in real life, but thanks to the micro blogging service Twitter, you can follow the celebrities you ...

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    Daniela Ruah is #61 on:

    True Hot Women!

    views: 1462

    Only the hottest!

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    Daniela Ruah is #8 on:

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    Daniela Ruah is #17 on:

    Bikinipedia- D

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