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  • Dave Matthews Albums, Discography

    Dave Matthews Albums, Discography

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    List of all Dave Matthews albums including EPs and some singles - a discography of Dave Matthews CDs and Dave Matthews records. List includes Dave Matthews album cover artwork in many cases, and if we are missing an albu...more

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    The Sexiest Artists of All Time

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    If you've got it, flaunt it, and that's what these rock stars do. And for that they've been rewarded with the honor of sexiest artists ...

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    The Best Frontmen in Rock

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    Forbes 100 Most Powerful Celebrities

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    Best Roots Rock Bands/Artists

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    Dave Matthews is #23 on:

    24 Celebrities Who Secretly Do a Ton of Charity Work

    views: 11032

    Dave Matthews has been on the board of directors of Farm Aid since 2001.  He also supports Artists for a New South Africa, Kids Wi...

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    26 Celebrities Who Are Quakers

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    Dave Matthews is a Quaker and a pacifist. He left South Africa after he graduated high school so that he wouldn't have to fight in the ...

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    Dave Matthews is #53 on:

    70+ Musicians Who Became Famous Actors

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    Dave Matthews has appeared in such films Just Go with It and Because of Winn-Dixie.

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    Dave Matthews is #11 on:

    15 Celebrities Who Have Their Own Ice Cream Flavor

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    The Dave Matthews Band inspired two Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors. "One Sweet Swirled" was first introduced in 2002 and...

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    59 Celebrities Who Weren't Born Where You Think

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    Dave Matthews is #56 on:

    75+ Celebrities Who Fight for Animal Rights

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    Dave Matthews supports the Green Music Group which is dedicated to widespread environmental change.

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    Celebrities with Twin Children

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    Stella Busina and Grace Anne, b. 2001, with Jennifer Harper

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    Famous Rhythm Guitarists

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    Band Name: Dave Matthews Band

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