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    The Best Singers of All Time

    views: 73999

    Who are the best singers of all time? That's a tough question to ask. This list includes many of the greatest vocalists ever, from all ...

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    Dee Snider is currently #149 on:

    The Best Rock Vocalists

    views: 150943

    The best rock vocalists of all time are the frontmen of our favorite rock bands or those solo artists whose voices are some of the best...

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    Dee Snider is #17 on:

    The Best Shock Rock Bands/Artists

    views: 34231

    Shock rock artists list, with photos, ranked best to worst by votes. List of good shock rock bands includes a filter so you can sort by...

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    Headbanging Hebrews

    views: 5915

    Twisted Sister

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    50+ Celebrities Who Were in School Choir

    views: 2495

    Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider sang in several choirs during his time at Baldwin High School.

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    Dee Snider is #10 on:

    11 Celebrities Who Were In Drama Club

    views: 645

    Twisted Sister front man Dee Snider was a member of the drama club and choir during his high school years.

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