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    Doctor Doom is currently #34 on:

    The Greatest Marvel Avengers Characters of All Time

    views: 40823

    A list of the ultimate Avengers line-up, composed of the best and most complimentary characters from throughout the Marvel Universe, as...

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    Doctor Doom is currently #90 on:

    The Best Movie Villains of All Time

    views: 150378

    These are the greatest, most vile movie characters we love to hate, ranked by the wisdom of the crowd. Anyone can contribute to this li...

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    Doctor Doom is currently #1 on:

    The Best Marvel Villains

    views: 12219

    The best Marvel villains are the men and women at the root of the best superheros' existences. These spectacular bad guys are the best ...

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    Doctor Doom is currently #2 on:

    The Best Comic Book Villains

    views: 4941

    Who are the best comic book villains of all time? This list of top supervillains in comics includes some of the most notorious evil-doe...

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  • 8of 20
    Doctor Doom is #8 on:

    The 20 Richest Comic Book Characters of All Time

    views: 319896

    Victor Von Doom is one of the most intelligent characters in the Marvel universe. Arch nemesis of the Fantastic Four, intellectual riva...

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    Doctor Doom is #20 on:

    List of Marvel Vs Capcom Characters

    views: 17055

    We compiled a list of all Marvel Vs Capcom characters across every MVC game. Characters in the Marvel Versus Capcom game series include...

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    Doctor Doom is #5 on:

    Time Travelers

    views: 167

    People who have traveled through time.

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    Doctor Doom is #53 on:


    views: 179

    Child and Teen Geniuses. 

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    Doctor Doom is #33 on:

    Top 100 Comic Book Villains

    views: 684

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    Doctor Doom is #4 on:

    What Villain Should Be In Avengers 2?

    views: 1250

    With the success of Joss Whedon's first Avengers movie, much anticipation is building over what villain will appear in Avengers 2.With ...

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    Doctor Doom is #12 on:

    The Best Evil Doctors

    views: 250

    I know right? Why are supervillains so obsessed with getting a Phd!

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    Doctor Doom is #5 on:

    Marvel Superheroes That Really Need to Get Out of the Closet

    views: 11483

    Even more than Reed Richards, Dr. Doom has written "conflicted sexuality" all over him. His obsession with Reed goes way beyo...

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    Doctor Doom is #83 on:

    Hulk Villains

    views: 68982

    This is a full list of all Hulk enemies and supervillains that has ever existed. The following Hulk enemy list can be sorted by the nam...

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    Doctor Doom is #28 on:

    Captain America's Enemies

    views: 28282

    Here is a full list of all Captain America villains and enemies names. The complete list of Captain America rogues gallery is found bel...

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    Doctor Doom is #9 on:

    Fantastic Four Villains: List of All Fantastic Four Enemies

    views: 21103

    Do you remember all the names of enemies of the Fantastic Four? If not, here is a list of Fantastic Four enemies from the Fantastic Fou...

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    Doctor Doom is #4 on:

    The Best Stupid Overused Comic Book Villains

    views: 308

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    Doctor Doom is #5 on:

    Favourite Comic Book Characters

    views: 41

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