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    Doom 3 is currently #10 on:

    The Scariest Video Games of All Time

    views: 24805

    List of the most frightening video games ever, ranked by hardcore survival horror fans and casual gamers alike. Unlike the Ultimate Lis...

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    Doom 3 is currently #24 on:

    The Greatest Survival Horror Games of All Time

    views: 107630

    The best survival horror games ever to hit gaming consoles. These scary video games take you out of your element to fight evil forces, ...

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    Doom 3 is #32 on:

    The Best Survival Horror Games of All Time

    views: 70356

    This is a list of the best survival horror games of all time for any console or system, including cover art pictures when available. Th...

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    Doom 3 is #15 on:

    The Top 17 Video Games That Couldn't Live Up to Their Hype

    views: 4125

    Hype: This game had Half-Life 2 and Halo 2 levels of hype (notice neither of those games made this list, since they delivered.) Like a ...

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    Doom 3 is #17 on:

    The Best Online Multiplayer Games

    views: 502

    With the invention and exponential growth of the internet, naturally online gaming has also thrived. Internet being as fast as it is to...

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    Doom 3 is #7 on:

    Best id Software Games List

    views: 10104

    List of the best id Software games with images, including any well-known id Software made games for any platform and console. This list...

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    Doom 3 is #189 on:

    The Best Xbox Games

    views: 2952

    List of the best Xbox games ever produced for the Xbox system. The Xbox console is one of the most popular game systems in the world. W...

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    Doom 3 is #6 on:

    T Hill's Top 13 Video Games of 2004

    views: 1593

    That I've played...As with all of my lists, this is just my opinion. And I haven't experienced all there is to offer, so I'm sure I'm m...


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