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    Books That Changed My Life

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    The most life changing books, ranked by the wisdom of the crowd of hundreds of people. If you are looking for books that will change yo...

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    The Best Novels Ever Written

    views: 12910

    This is the ultimate list of the best novels of all time, which is based on influence, originality, popularity, and personal affections...

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    Top Must-Read Books of All-Time

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    List of the best must-read books of all time - aka books everyone should read. These are the novels, autobiographies, and short books t...

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    Dracula is currently #3 on:

    The Greatest Horror Books of All Time

    views: 41926

    The greatest horror books of all time are books that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up just from the rustle of turning th...

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    The Best Vampire Books

    views: 262

    List of the best vampire books, listed by their popularity among Ranker users. These popular books about vampire were written by variou...

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    Dracula is #54 on:

    The Best Literature Books

    views: 328

    List of the best literature books, listed by their popularity among Ranker users. These popular books about literature were written by ...

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    Dracula is #19 on:

    Books Like Twilight

    views: 12008

    What are some books like 'Twilight'? For fans of Stephenie Meyer's wildly popular 'Twilight' books, finishing them can be so depressing...

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    Dracula is #13 on:

    Famous Traditional Gothic Books

    views: 497

    A list of some of the most famous books that kick-started the Gothic genre. Traditional Gothic saw the birth of famous tropes such as d...

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    Dracula is #4 on:

    The Scariest Novels of All Time

    views: 9749

    What are the scariest novels of all time? Not surprisingly, a lot of the books listed here are from the horror genre, but there are oth...

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    Dracula is #3 on:

    The Best Irish Novels

    views: 888

    List of the best Irish novels from various authors with some of the same Irish authors appearing a few times. The list includes classic...

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    Dracula is #4 on:

    The Greatest Immortal Characters in Fiction

    views: 2013

    Immortality is a common theme in fiction. It often explores many different themes, from what it means to live forever, to what it’s lik...

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    Dracula is #10 on:

    The Best Suspense Novels

    views: 1742

    There’s nothing that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, hooked on a book, quite like a great suspense novel does. The suspense g...


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