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    The Best Short Actors

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    Who are the best short actors? Some of the incredibly famous actors on this list are surprisingly diminutive, coming in at 5'7" or...

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    Fox News's Hot Dudes Under 30

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    Foxnews's hottest celebrities under 30 years old. These are prime targets for any cougars out there. From sexy rockers to hot actors, h...

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    E!Online's Metro Madness: Men Who Love Fashion

    views: 3081

    E! Online's list of men who love fashion and aren't afraid to show it. These guys are always decked out in top fashion brands and trend...

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    People Lana Del Rey Has Probably Hooked Up With

    views: 134133

    In a Complex article from July of 2014, musician Lana Del Rey made reference to the fact that she's slept with a lot of people in ...

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    Emile Hirsch is #15 on:

    Hairiest Guys

    views: 1499

    Here's a collection of some of the hottest hairiest actors, athletes and entertainers!  Only the hairiest rise to the top!&nb...

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    50+ Celebrities Who Have Gorgeous, Green Eyes

    views: 569

    Emile Hirsch has green eyes.

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    Straight Actors Who Have Played Gay

    views: 11523

    Emile Hirsch played gay rights activist Cleve Jones in the biopic Milk (2008). As of October of 2013, Hirsch is expecting his first chi...

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    80 Famous People of German Descent

    views: 2375

    Emile Hirsch is of English and German descent. He has starred in films such as Into the Wild and Alpha Dog.


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