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  • Eric Clapton's Loves & Hookups

    Eric Clapton's Loves & Hookups

    by celebrityhookups views: 12306

    Who is Eric Clapton dating? Who Eric Clapton dated; list of Eric Clapton loves, ex girlfriends; breakup rumors. The loves and relationships of Eric Clapton , listed by most recent.

  • Best Eric Clapton Movies List

    Best Eric Clapton Movies List

    by Reference views: 1700

    List of the best Eric Clapton movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Eric Clapton's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions around...more

  • Films Scored By Eric Clapton

    Films Scored By Eric Clapton

    by Reference views: 3851

    List of movies with music composed by Eric Clapton, listed alphabetically with trailers of the movies when available. This list includes any film scores composed by Eric Clapton, ranging from smaller indie movies to larg...more

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    Eric Clapton is currently #3 on:

    The Greatest Guitarists Of All Time

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    The best guitarists of all time, voted on and ranked by many music fans, with photos and other info. A Wisdom of Crowds comprehensive r...

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    The Best Rock Bands of All Time

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  • 27of 74
    Eric Clapton is currently #27 on:

    The Druggiest Rock Stars of All Time

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    Guitar God

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    Eric Clapton is currently #21 on:

    The Best Frontmen in Rock

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    Giving out the title of best frontman in rock is like crowning someone the king of rock and roll. There are so many factors that go int...

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    The Greatest Living Rock Songwriters

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    The Greatest Musical Artists of All Time

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    The Best Singers of All Time

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    Eric Clapton is currently #18 on:

    Best Blues Artists of All Time

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  • 16of 90
    Eric Clapton is currently #16 on:

    Rank the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

    views: 30196

    Inducted in 2000.

  • 23of 80
    Eric Clapton is currently #23 on:

    The (Male) Singer You Most Wish You Could Sound Like

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    What male singer's voice would you most like to have? This is a different question than "who are the best vocalists ever?" - ...

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    Eric Clapton is currently #26 on:

    The Greatest Rock Songwriters of All Time

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    The greatest rock songwriters of all time have a lot in common. Firstly, they are some of the biggest names in rock music history. Thes...

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    Eric Clapton is #3 on:

    Best Blues Rock Bands/Artists

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    Eric Clapton is #11 on:

    Rock Stars Who Have Aged Surprisingly Well

    views: 56984

    Born March 30, 1945

  • 5of 12
    Eric Clapton is #5 on:

    Who Was the Real Fifth Beatle?

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    One of only two musicians on this list whose talent and body of work can even be compared to the Beatles, it was Eric Clapton playing l...

  • 2of 100
    Eric Clapton is #2 on:

    The Best Solo Artists Who Used to Front a Band

    views: 2416

    Derek and the Dominos, The Yardbirds, Cream

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    Eric Clapton is #24 on:

    Greatest Rock Bands/Artists of the 70s

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    Eric Clapton is #6 on:

    Famous Aries Celebrities

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    Eric Clapton is #28 on:

    29 Famous Men Who Married Much Younger Women

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    Eric Clapton married Melia McEnery in 2001 when he was 55 and she was 24. They are still married today. Clapton was previously married ...

  • 34of 77
    Eric Clapton is #34 on:

    Famous People with Tinnitus

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    Eric Clapton developed tinnitus after years of playing loud rock and roll music.

  • 20of 30
    Eric Clapton is #20 on:

    30 Celebrities Who Lost Children

    views: 108892

    Eric Clapton's son, Connor, died in 1991 when he was just four years old. He tragically fell out of a hotel room window.  Clapton ...

  • 20of 26
    Eric Clapton is #20 on:

    26 Famous People Who Were Kicked Out of High School

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    Musician Eric Clapton was expelled from high school for his unrelenting need to play guitar.  He would frequently play in class an...

  • 33of 51
    Eric Clapton is #33 on:

    50+ Celebrities Who Suffer from Anxiety

    views: 3675

    "Layla" singer Eric Clapton is known to suffer from anxiety.

  • 14of 14
    Eric Clapton is #14 on:

    14 Celebrities with Ridiculous On-Set Demands

    views: 26925

    Eric Clapton may be known as Slow Hand for his amazing guitar skills, but don't call him that backstage. That's because at every venue ...

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    Eric Clapton is #10 on:

    Blues Guit-Fiddlers

    views: 75

  • 4of 10
    Eric Clapton is #4 on:

    My Fave Guitarists Today

    views: 4540

    In honor of the recent Neil Young Archives release and the new music from Built To Spill, Mark Knopfler, Jack White and Robert Randolph...

  • 209of 763
    Eric Clapton is #209 on:

    Warner Bros. Records Complete Artist Roster

    views: 1164

  • 33of 47
    Eric Clapton is #33 on:

    47 Famous People Who Own Guns

    views: 10381

    Singer Eric Clapton owns a vintage gun collection.

  • 37of 75
    Eric Clapton is #37 on:

    Famous People Who Own Ferraris

    views: 1229

    "Layla" musician Eric Clapton owns a custom Ferrari SP12 EC that was built from a Ferrari 458 Italia.

  • 189of 633
    Eric Clapton is #189 on:

    Famous Lead Guitarists

    views: 19423

    Band Name: The Yardbirds, Cream

  • 14of 50
    Eric Clapton is #14 on:

    Odd-Looking Babies Who Grew Up to Be Music Stars

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    List of odd-looking babies who would become some of the hottest music stars ever. Our musical heroes tend to be both beautiful and tale...

  • 14of 30
    Eric Clapton is #14 on:

    30 Famous People Who Have Love Children

    views: 2890

    In 1985, while married to "Layla" muse Pattie Boyd, Eric Clapton fathered a child with Yvonne Kelly.

  • 16of 64
    Eric Clapton is #16 on:

    60+ Adopted Celebrities

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    Grew up believing his grandparents were his parents and that his mother - 16 at his birth - was his sister

  • 54of 65
    Eric Clapton is #54 on:

    Celebrities Who Quit Drinking

    views: 5324

    Eric Clapton has been sober since the late 1980s.

  • 8of 11
    Eric Clapton is #8 on:

    11 Famous People Who Are Love Children

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    Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Eric Clapton was born from a short affair between 16 year-old Patricia Molly Clapton and Canadian soldier E...


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