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  • Etta James Albums, Discography

    Etta James Albums, Discography

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    List of all Etta James albums including EPs and some singles - a discography of Etta James CDs and Etta James records. List includes Etta James album cover artwork in many cases, and if we are missing an album cover feel...more

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    Etta James is #4 on:

    Celebrity Deaths: 2012 Famous Deaths List

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    1/20/12: Prolific singer/songwriter Etta James passed away after a long bout with leukemia. James bridged the gap between R&B and r...

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    Etta James is #19 on:

    33 Famous People with Hepatitis C

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    "At Last" singer Etta James suffered from Hepatitis C for many years leading up to her death, which was due to leukemia.

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