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    The Best Albums of the 2000s

    views: 13636

    List of the best albums of the 2000s decade, voted on and ranked by fans and critics. This list includes the greatest albums released b...

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    Best Elliott Smith Albums List

    views: 147

    Before he killed himself, Elliott Smith was considered one of the best singer/songwriters of his time. List of the best Elliott Smith a...

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    Figure 8 is #65 on:

    Top 100 Albums of 1950 - 2012

    views: 1022

    I recently bought a nice turntable and decided I need to get a system together to try to buy my favorite albums on vinyl. Not all of th...

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    Figure 8 is #6 on:

    Albums To Heal A Troubled Mind

    views: 7296

    my list of Indie and alternative rock albums that have saved my life. they are all beautiful works of art swollen with soul and passion...

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    Figure 8 is #9 on:

    2000 My Top Albums

    views: 3801

    NOTE: this is my list "as it stood" at the end of the year - time has updated my opinions since then and I will probably at s...


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