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  • Bands/Musicians From Florida

    Bands/Musicians From Florida

    by RichMoyleJr. views: 307

  • Most Popular Cities in Florida

    Most Popular Cities in Florida

    by TennisStud1 views: 773

    Since there are so many lists already about the most popular beaches in Florida, I have decided to make one about the most popular cities there. I am very curious to know which cities in Florida are the most well liked a...more

  • All Federal Prisons in Florida

    All Federal Prisons in Florida

    by treadLightly views: 38086

    A list of all federal prisons in Florida. FL federal prisons. A complete list of prisons run by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. This includes minimum security prisons as well as maximum security locations. Federal peniten...more

  • Weird Laws in Florida

    Weird Laws in Florida

    by Darrow views: 9334

    List of strange state laws on the books in Florida. These rules and regulations were passed by the Florida state legislature, or in an individual Florida city, and for one reason or another, were never overturned, remain...more

  • The Best Beaches in Florida

    The Best Beaches in Florida

    by Island Hopper Dan views: 4617

    List of the best beaches in Florida, ranked. This list includes the top sea, sand, and sun combinations in the Sunshine State, from the bright white sugar shores of Destin down to the calming crystal-clear waters of the ...more

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    This is a list, created by the community, of the best places to go on that one, special trip that most of us won't get the chance to do...

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    States with Highest Subscriptions to Porn Sites

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    50 Bizarre State Laws

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    It's illegal for hotdog vendors to dress provocatively.Chapter 39 ZONING*ARTICLE XVII. COMMERCIAL DISTRICTSSec. 39-300. Limitations of ...

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    States With The Biggest Average Penis Size

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    Johnny Depp, Miramar

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    Fifty US States & Fifty State Fun Facts

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    U.S. spacecraft launchings from Cape Canaveral, formerly Cape Kennedy

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    Best State Songs

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    State Anthem - "Florida (Where the Sawgrass Meets the Sky)"

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    Can you name even half the states in the US without the context of a map of the US? It's harder than you'd think! 25 US states have bee...

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    All States Where Gay Marriage Is Illegal

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    States where gay marriage is illegal include the majority of states in the US. Recent legislation has decreased the number of states wh...

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    Origin Of The US State Names

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    From the Spanish Pascua Florida, meaning 'feast of flowers' (Easter)

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    Every Swing State since 2000

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    In 2000 Red won by 0.01%; In 2008 Blue won by 2.51%

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    The Names Of US State Residents

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    Floridian, Floridan

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    Battleground States of 2008

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    Blue won by 2.51%

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