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    The Worst Cars Ever Made

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    This list of the worst cars ever is ranked by auto aficionados worldwide. Anyone can vote on this list of stupid cars, making this a tr...

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    Ford Taurus is #8 on:

    The Best Cars for Senior Citizens

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    A list of cars well suited for the elderly by "Consumer Reports". Unlike your typical list filled with Buicks and other autom...

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    Ford Taurus is #1 on:

    Top 10 Used Cars for Teens

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    Fortunately there’s enough variety among the cars on CarInsurance’s list for protective parents and their born-to-be-wild offspring to ...

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    Ford Taurus is #1 on:

    5 Best Cars When You've Got Twins... and More

    views: 7120

    Pop the decklid release of this family sedan’s keyless entry fob and behold the ballroom known as the trunk of the Ford Taurus. Offerin...

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    Ford Taurus is #57 on:

    Full List of Ford Models

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    Ford Taurus is #2 on:

    Cars That Just Won't Die

    views: 12783

    Zombie cars that won't die: Some cars are always around; take it or leave. As reported by US News, these are the zombie cars that never...


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