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  • Frank Sinatra's Loves & Hookups

    Frank Sinatra's Loves & Hookups

    by celebrityhookups views: 17102

    Who did Frank Sinatra date? Who Frank Sinatra dated; list of Frank Sinatra loves, ex girlfriends; breakup rumors. The loves, relationships, and marriages of Frank Sinatra, listed by most recent. The famous Frank Sinatra ...more

  • Best Frank Sinatra Movies

    Best Frank Sinatra Movies

    by Reference views: 12707

    List of the best Frank Sinatra movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Frank Sinatra's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions arou...more

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    Frank Sinatra is #1 on:

    20 Celebrities with (Alleged) Ties to the Mafia

    views: 86212

    Frank Sinatra's uncle, Babe Garavante, was a member of the Morettis and was convicted of murder in 1921 after driving the getaway car f...

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    29 Famous Men Who Married Much Younger Women

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    Frank Sinatra married Mia Farrow in 1966, when he was 51 and she was 21.  They divorced less than two years later, when Sinatra ob...

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    Best male vocalists ever

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    Frank Sinatra is #32 on:

    Celebrities Who Are Secret Geeks

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    Frank Sinatra loved crossword puzzles since he was a teenager.  He has explained his love of the puzzles, stating, "What a wo...

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    59 Famous People with Bipolar Disorder

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    Frank Sinatra suffered from mood swings throughout his life.  He experienced moments of great joy followed by bouts of severe depr...

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    Catholic Celebrities

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    Frank Sinatra comes from a long lineage of Catholics, and he followed the religion throughout his life.

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    85 Famous High School Dropouts

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    Frank Sinatra didn't need a high school diploma to become one of the most famous singers and actors of his generation.

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    41 Famous Couples with Huge Age Differences

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    Relationship: Started dating in 1964, married in 1966, divorced in 1968Frank Sinatra: b. 1915 with 3 children born 1940, 1944, and 1948...

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    Famous People of Italian Descent

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    Frank Sinatra's parent were Italian immigrants.

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    Republican Celebrities List

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    Frank Sinatra is #10 on:

    The Iron Sheik's 10 Favorite Musicians

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    Frank Sinatra is #5 on:

    10 Bands To Know So That Older People Think You Are Cool

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    Any mention of anything relating to Frank Sinatra (i.e. The Rat Pack) will make any man envision smoking a cigar, turning off the light...

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    Odd-Looking Babies Who Grew Up to Be Music Stars

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    Celebrities Who Live in Malibu

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    Frank Sinatra lived in a home in Malibu later in life.

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    Frank Sinatra is #5 on:

    17 Celebrities Who Live in West Hollywood

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    Frank Sinatra rented a West Hollywood home in the early 1960's. Marilyn Monroe rented an apartment at the same compound.

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    Frank Sinatra is #23 on:

    40+ Celebrities Who Were Caught Cheating

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    Frank Sinatra was a well-known adulterer, but one of his most scandalous affairs involved leading lady Ava Gardner. Sinatra divorced hi...

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    Stars Who Passed On Iconic Hollywood Roles

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    There were several Hollywood icons lined up to play Dirty Harry, but it almost narrowed down to Frank Sinatra. The reason Clint Eastwoo...

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    A list of famous man who are not circumcised. Originally the practice of ancient religions and cults, circumcision regained its popular...

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    Frank Sinatra is #47 on:

    The 60 Celebrities with the Most Marriages

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    1. Nancy Barbato (1939–1951)2. Ava Gardner (1951–1957)3. Mia Farrow (1966–1968)4. Barbara Sinatra (1976–1998; his death)

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    A list of Elizabeth Taylor's husbands, lovers and boyfriends. She married seven times, but stole a lot more men than that and was famou...

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    Famous Crooners

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    List of famous crooners, with photos. Crooning is a 20th century style of singing made possible by the invention of microphones and amp...

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    Who did Marilyn Monroe date? Who Marilyn Monroe dated; list of Marilyn Monroe loves, ex boyfriends; breakup rumors. The loves, relation...

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    70+ Musicians Who Became Famous Actors

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    "Come Fly with Me" singer Frank Sinatra has appeared in such films as Guys and Dolls and Never So Few.


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