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    The Crap You Eat in College - Ranked

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    If you've been to College, or are there now, there is a single unifying factor most students share. They are flat broke... all the time...

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    The Most Delicious Foods In The World

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    The most delicious foods on earth, ranked by the wisdom of the crowd. Anyone can add their favorite foods to this list, which makes the...

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    The Best Deep Fried Foods

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    Deep-frying imparts tasty, crispy flavor to pretty much any food cooked with this process, and as a result, it appears that people will...

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    The Most Comforting Comfort Food

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    What makes you feel better when you're sick, down or just need your food to give you a big hug? What foods do you turn to when you're c...

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    French fries is currently #18 on:

    The Best Burger Toppings

    views: 58282

    What are the best burger toppings? That really depends on who you ask. Everyone, it seems, has certain favorite hamburger toppings. Ver...

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    Foods We Would Miss Most if The FDA Took Them Away

    views: 160

    A lot of fast food restaurants have removed hydrogenated oils, but many still have yet to get the memo to change their oil usage.

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    Things You Didn't Know Were Belgian

    views: 137

    According to Wikipedia, this is controversial, but one common belief is that British and American soldiers first tried them in Belgium ...


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