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    Fresno is currently #11 on:

    The Worst Cities In America To Live In Or Visit

    views: 76695

    The worst US cities to live in or visit, ranked by hundreds of voters who have had the misfortune to actually go to these places. Anyon...

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    Fresno is currently #18 on:

    US Cities That Should Have an NFL Team

    views: 17527

    Cities that should have a football team are the populous and thriving cities across the United States that are deserving of a home Nati...

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    Fresno is #20 on:

    The Best Cities for Teachers

    views: 1860

    List of the best cities for teachers. Teaching is a tough job only taken on by the toughest, most generous type of person. Usually,teac...

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    Fresno is #19 on:

    Most Popular Cities in California

    views: 1396

    I hope everyone enjoys this list deciding which California cities are the most popular. My favorite city in California is San Francisco...

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    Fresno is #18 on:

    Best Cities for Black and Asian Dating

    views: 5427

    Cities with the Best Opportunities for Blacks and Asians to Date Each Other as found at

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    Fresno is #35 on:

    Largest Cities in the USA (2009)

    views: 7898

    population: 479,918

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    Fresno is #3 on:

    The Most Boring Cities I've Been To

    views: 3110

    I'll be honest, some of these places I haven't visited for quite a while. But regardless, they still stick out in my mind as desolate b...


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