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    Fringe is currently #24 on:

    TV Shows Canceled Before Their Time

    views: 265948

    List of canceled TV shows that didn't deserve to die is ranked by TV fans around the world. From shows that ended too soon to shows tha...

  • 39of 294
    Fringe is currently #39 on:

    The Best TV Shows of Recent Memory

    views: 207662

    This best TV show list represents the combined opinions of thousands of TV fans. Anyone can vote on this list of the best TV shows of r...

  • 75of 639
    Fringe is currently #75 on:

    The Greatest TV Shows of All-Time

    views: 118482

    Choosing the greatest TV shows of all time means taking into account the best TV dramas, the best TV comedies, the best cartoons, and e...

  • 10of 100
    Fringe is currently #10 on:

    The Best Sci Fi Television Series of All Time

    views: 246044

    A list of the best sci-fi shows and best sci-fi series of all time, as ranked by hundreds of Ranker voters. This list includes long-run...

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    Fringe is currently #51 on:

    The Best TV Shows to Binge Watch

    views: 58246

    List of the best TV shows for binge-watching. The greatest television shows in the world are ranked here in order for you to have a TV ...

  • 7of 90
    Fringe is currently #7 on:

    Canceled Shows We'd Most Like to See as Movies

    views: 27692

    This list of canceled shows we'd like to see as movies includes a lot of huge cult favorites. Obviously this list isn't complete, so fe...

  • 3of 31
    Fringe is currently #3 on:

    The Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Shows of 2013

    views: 27887

    Science fiction television has thrived for decades. It’s partially due to the dedicated fans that create websites, go to conventions,wr...

  • 16of 94
    Fringe is currently #16 on:

    The TV Shows with the Best Writing

    views: 14160

    What are the best written TV shows of all time? The Writers Guild of America (WGA) and TV Guide recently compiled its list of the 101 B...

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    Fringe is currently #32 on:

    The Best TV Shows to Rewatch

    views: 22807

    List of the best TV shows to rewatch, as ranked by television fans and critics. When the weekend comes around and you can’t bring yours...

  • 133of 245
    Fringe is currently #133 on:

    The Best TV Theme Songs of All Time

    views: 140736

    The best TV theme songs and TV intros of all time will take you back to some of the greatest moments in TV. Television theme songs set ...

  • 63of 75
    Fringe is currently #63 on:

    The Best Series Finales

    views: 37339

    This list of the best series finales in television is a somber reminder that no matter how much you love a TV character or a show, in t...

  • 8of 53
    Fringe is currently #8 on:

    The Most Anticipated Fall Shows of 2012

    views: 18643

    The new TV shows for fall 2012 are some of the most diverse in recent years. The line up includes shows from fan favorites like J.J. Ab...

  • 44of 165
    Fringe is currently #44 on:

    The Best Streaming Netflix TV Shows

    views: 554738

    The best streaming Netflix TV shows include some great television dramas, sci-fi/adventure shows, sitcoms and reality TV programs. What...

  • 37of 91
    Fringe is currently #37 on:

    The All-Time Greatest TV Pilots

    views: 55698

    The greatest TV pilots of all-time are single episodes of television that introduced us to what would soon be iconic characters and cas...

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    Fringe is currently #35 on:

    What Shows Do You Most Want on Netflix Streaming?

    views: 42487

    What TV shows do you most want on Netflix streaming? While Netflix does offer some great streaming TV shows, and will likely add more i...

  • 40of 65
    Fringe is currently #40 on:

    The Greatest TV Dramas of All Time

    views: 26619

    The greatest TV dramas of all time are the ones that make you feel connected to characters you will never meet in real life to the poin...

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    Fringe is currently #33 on:

    The Creepiest Shows in TV History

    views: 5264

    Television loves to push the boundaries of what can be shown to a general audience. The medium has evolved from being a place filled wi...

  • 26of 95
    Fringe is currently #26 on:

    The Best Cult TV Shows of All Time

    views: 80259

    List of the best cult TV shows ever, ranked by their loyal fans. TV series that develop cult followings are known for their magnetic ch...

  • 7of 59
    Fringe is currently #7 on:

    The Best TV Shows That Aired in 2012

    views: 9390

    Now that 2012 is over, which shows stand out from the past year? Which just need to be wrapped up already? Vote now!

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    Fringe is currently #23 on:

    The Best Science Fiction Franchises of All Time

    views: 8976

    Science Fiction is a very popular genre in books, films, video games, and television shows. Some of the biggest grossing movies at the ...

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    Fringe is currently #18 on:

    The Scariest TV Shows Ever

    views: 11074

    The scariest TV shows manage to provide major frights with excellent drama. Unlike these excellent paranormal reality TV shows, the pro...

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    Fringe is currently #49 on:

    The Best Fantasy Worlds

    views: 43282

    This is a list of the most awesome, spectacular, and entertaining fantasy worlds created. These fantasy worlds are not always just from...

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