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    Grand Rapids is currently #35 on:

    US Cities That Should Have an NFL Team

    views: 17496

    Cities that should have a football team are the populous and thriving cities across the United States that are deserving of a home Nati...

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    Grand Rapids is #13 on:

    The Best Cities for Teachers

    views: 1860

    List of the best cities for teachers. Teaching is a tough job only taken on by the toughest, most generous type of person. Usually,teac...

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    Grand Rapids is #36 on:

    The Best Cities for Allergies

    views: 669

    List of the top cities for people with allergies. It comes around every Spring, that plague known as allergy season. You may spend most...

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    Grand Rapids is #1 on:

    The Best Beer Cities in America

    views: 882

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    Grand Rapids is #5 on:

    US Cities That Could Potentially Land a Pro Sports Team.

    views: 171

    Grand Rapids, MI is one of the nations fastest growing areas. With the recent success of the AHL's Grand Rapids Griffins hockey team, i...

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    Grand Rapids is #8 on:

    America's Most Fittest Cities

    views: 3267

    2008 list from U.S. News of cities with the fittest citizens. Residents here must have lots of healthy foods to eat. For full article g...


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