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    Hawaii Five-0 is currently #4 on:

    The Best Current Procedural Dramas

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    Hawaii Five-0 is currently #45 on:

    The Most Anticipated Fall Shows of 2012

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    Hawaii Five-0 is currently #25 on:

    The Best Current Dramatic TV Shows

    views: 74256

    The best dramatic shows of all time took us back in time, allowed us to visit far away lands and most of all, pulled at our heart strin...

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    Hawaii Five-0 is currently #43 on:

    The Best TV Shows of 2013

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    Hawaii Five-0 is currently #48 on:

    The Best Shows Currently on the Air

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    Hawaii Five-0 is #14 on:

    The Worst Shows Your Boyfriend Makes You Watch

    views: 3291

    Most people would like to go to Hawaii for rest and relaxation. Your boyfriend would like that – plus guns and car chases!

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    Hawaii Five-0 is #18 on:

    2014 TV Awards: Best Network TV Drama

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    Hawaii Five-0 is #6 on:

    Best Rebooted TV Series

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