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    Herman Cain is currently #81 on:

    People We Loved to Hate in 2012

    views: 19410

    People we loved to hate in 2012 include popular names in sports, entertainment, and, of course in an election year, politics. These peo...

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    Herman Cain is currently #6 on:

    People We Loved to Hate in 2011

    views: 9579

    The people we loved to hate in 2011 includes those that irritated us on reality television, those that refused to understand their 15 m...

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    Herman Cain is currently #10 on:

    The Most Influential People of 2011

    views: 27268

    The most influential people of 2011 made us laugh, brought us hope, widened our horizons and changed the way we live our lives. These p...

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    Herman Cain is #3 on:

    Most Influential Republicans Who Were Once Democrats

    views: 11026

    The GOP boasts a wide range of new politicians who once claimed their allegiance to the Democrats. These new Republicans changed their ...

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    Herman Cain is #9 on:

    Best Politicians Singing Videos

    views: 6305

    Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain sings "Imagine...There's No PIzza"

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    Herman Cain is #27 on:

    The Very Best of Bad Lip Reading

    views: 24022

    Ever wanted to hear Michele Bachman talk about curing nausea with one cockeyed boar? How about listening to bullied Internet celebrity ...

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    Herman Cain is #27 on:

    The Very Best of the Skyrim 'Arrow in the Knee' Meme

    views: 281835

    One of the most talked about games to come out this year was Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. But for all the praise it's getting, one thing ha...


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