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  • All Heroes Characters

    All Heroes Characters

    by Reference views: 772

    Full Heroes characters list with photos and character bios when available. List contains all Heroes main character names and features lead Heroes roles. If you're looking for the most famous Heroes characters then you're...more

  • The Worst Superhero Performances on Film

    The Worst Superhero Performances on Film

    by Ranker Film views: 11311

    List of the worst superhero performances on film. Here are the ranked actors and characters that made the worst superhero movies ever possible with such epic(ally) bad performances. After all, "Catwoman" was on...more

  • The Greatest Zombie Slayers in Movies

    The Greatest Zombie Slayers in Movies

    by Ranker Film views: 1543

    This is a list of the greatest zombie slayers of all time. In movies, the best zombie killers have been depicted in all varieties--from test subjects like in Resident Evil, and girl-next-door types like in Zombieland, to...more

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    Bad Boys...

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    CHARACTER: NOAH BENNETACTOR: JACK COLEMANI had a love/hate relationship with this character through the whole 'Heroes' series. Just whe...

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    Top 10 TV Shows That Overstayed Their Welcome

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    TV I Actually Removed From My Tivo

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