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Howard Stern

Howard Allan Stern is an American radio and television personality, producer, author, actor, and photographer. He is best known for his radio show, which was nationally syndicated from 1986 to 2005. Stern has been exclusive to Sirius XM Radio since 2006. Stern wished to pursue a radio career since the age of five. While at Boston University, he worked at the campus station WTBU before a brief stint at WNTN in Newton, Massachusetts. He developed his on-air personalit...

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  • The Most Essential Howard Stern Show Cast Members

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    Who are the most essential Howard Stern Show cast members? They include Howard's regular staff, the funniest Howard Stern Wack Packers and of course, several of Stern's best, most frequent more

  • The Funniest Comedians on the Howard Stern Show

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    The funniest comedians on the Howard Stern Show manage to keep everyone laughing, even when things get a little tense (and they do, but that's half the fun). This list includes some of more

  • The Best Frequent Howard Stern Guests

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    The best frequent Howard Stern guests include comedians, television and movie stars, porn stars and of course, members of the infamous Howard Stern Wack Pack. These guests visit with Stern more

  • The Most Irritating Howard Stern Show Regulars

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    Who are the most irritating Howard Stern Show regulars? That depends: Stern fans most certainly can argue this point forever, but there are several names that seem to surface often. This more

  • All Howard Stern Show Musical Performers

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    List of all artists and bands who have played live on The Howard Stern show over the years. As you can see, many great bands and singers have performed on The Howard Stern Radio Show more

  • The Best Howard Stern News Pranks Performed by Captain Janks

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    Howard Stern is best known for featuring tons of crazy guests, callers, and characters on his wildly popular radio show. These key players are often referred to as the "Wack Pack," more

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Dead Wack Packers

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    The Wack Pack are an essential part of the Howard Stern Show experience, and they also have an extraordinarily high mortality rate. One does not become a Wack Packer due to one's healthy more


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