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  • ranked it 8of 119
    Hummer H3 is currently #8 on:

    The Worst Cars Ever Made

    views: 70427

    This list of the worst cars ever is ranked by auto aficionados worldwide. Anyone can vote on this list of stupid cars, making this a tr...

  • Best Fly Fishing Vehicles added it 9of 10
    Hummer H3 is currently #9 on:

    Best Fly Fishing Vehicles

    views: 5588

    What's your preferred vehicle to get you to the stream?

  • The Most Ticketed Cars ranked it 5of 11
    Hummer H3 is #5 on:

    The Most Ticketed Cars

    views: 36887

    Average Age: 46 Male: 73%The H3 and H2 were actually clumped together on this list, but I separated them out so we could have more deli...

  • Gas Guzzlers: Low Gas Mileage Cars ranked it 24of 32
    Hummer H3 is #24 on:

    Gas Guzzlers: Low Gas Mileage Cars

    views: 10701

    14 mpg

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