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  • Best Ice T Movies

    Best Ice T Movies

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    List of the best Ice T movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Ice T's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions around the world. Th...more

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  • 53of 154
    Ice-T is currently #53 on:

    The Greatest Rappers of All Time

    views: 94644

    Best rappers of all time. From the early '80s to present day, this list counts down rap's best lyricist and game changers in history. L...

  • 58of 113
    Ice-T is currently #58 on:

    The Best Rap Lyricists of All Time

    views: 13550

    A list of the best rap lyricists of all time. Since hip hop and rap music became popular at the beginning of the 1980s, many fans of th...

  • 6of 27
    Ice-T is currently #6 on:

    Rappers With the Coolest Post-Rap Careers

    views: 72867

    Actor ("Law & Order: Special Victoms Unit"), playwright, screenwriter, activist, author, reality television star, video g...

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  • 3of 24
    Ice-T is #3 on:

    The Greatest Celebrity Man Boobs

    views: 1960625

    Man boobs, or "Moobs", are a product of someone really letting themselves go, but when it happens to celebrities, it's that m...

  • 9of 25
    Ice-T is #9 on:

    Silliest Celebrity Name Changes

    views: 46694

    Tracy Morrow. That is a name and not a beverage.

  • 13of 13
    Ice-T is #13 on:

    Who the Best Rapper of the West?

    views: 358

    Ice T he has been every where from t.v shows, movies, video games, music, and you can catch him at a basketball game once in a while! b...

  • 11of 19
    Ice-T is #11 on:

    19 Famous Orphans

    views: 8204

    Ice-T's mother, Alice Marrow, died when he was in the third grade. His father Solomon raised him until he died of a heart attack when I...

  • 38of 50
    Ice-T is #38 on:

    The Full Names of 50 Mononymous People

    views: 3664

    Ice-T was born Tracy Marrow on February 16, 1958. He chose his stage name as a tribute to Iceberg Slim, an author who was a reformed pi...

  • 30of 100
    Ice-T is #30 on:

    The Real Names of 100 Rappers

    views: 8016

    Ice-T was born Tracy Marrow on February 16, 1958. He released such songs as "99 Problems" and "Cop Killer."

  • 22of 26
    Ice-T is #22 on:

    26 Celebrities with Problem Children

    views: 138377

    Ice-T's son, Tracy Marrow, Jr., born in 1992, was arrested 2011 for public urination.

  • 61of 76
    Ice-T is #61 on:

    70+ Celebrities Who Were in the Military

    views: 8544

    Rapper Ice-T served in the US Army.

  • 201of 239
    Ice-T is #201 on:

    Best Hip Hop Music Bands/Artists

    views: 3261

    Hip hop music artists list, with photos, ranked best to worst by votes. List of good hip hop music bands includes a filter so you can s...

  • 3of 15
    Ice-T is #3 on:

    Rappers with TV Shows

    views: 29916

    Grammy Award-winning rapper Ice-T not only stars in the procedural "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" but also on his ow...

  • 15of 21
    Ice-T is #15 on:

    Best Actor/Rappers of All-Time

    views: 391

    In today's day and age, we often see rappers acting in films and television shows. Some pull off great performances while other aren't ...

  • 27of 47
    Ice-T is #27 on:

    50 Best Hip-Hop Emcees/Groups Of Our Time

    views: 4197

    Gradually building an ordered list of the greatest hip-hop acts of our time.

  • 45of 75
    Ice-T is #45 on:

    70+ Musicians Who Became Famous Actors

    views: 24136

    Rapper Ice-T has appeared in such films as Gangland and Tracks.

  • 17of 57
    Ice-T is #17 on:

    Karinne Steffans' Loves & Hookups

    views: 14941

    Who is Karinne Steffans dating? Who Karinne Steffans dated; list of Karinne Steffans loves, ex boyfriends; breakup rumors. Karinne Stef...

  • 55of 77
    Ice-T is #55 on:

    Celebrities Who Study Martial Arts

    views: 3115

    Ice-T is trained in a variety of martial arts and once considered joining the UFC.

  • 8of 15
    Ice-T is #8 on:

    15 Celebrities with Incredible Fish Tanks

    views: 332

    Ice-T reportedly has a reef fish tank to house his sharks.

  • 34of 47
    Ice-T is #34 on:

    47 Famous People Who Own Guns

    views: 12841

    Rapper Ice T is a gun owner and strong supporter of the Second Amendment. He says, "The right to bear arms is because that’s the l...

  • 23of 52
    Ice-T is #23 on:

    Famous People with Rolls Royces

    views: 1447

    Rapper Ice T owns two white Rolls Royce Ghosts.

  • 25of 47
    Ice-T is #25 on:

    40+ Famous People Who Own Aston Martins

    views: 1607

    "Cop Killer" rapper Ice T owns a Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster.

  • 25of 52
    Ice-T is #25 on:

    50+ Famous People Who Own Bentleys

    views: 1282

    Cop Killer rapper Ice T owns a Bentley Continental GT.

  • 41of 64
    Ice-T is #41 on:

    60+ Adopted Celebrities

    views: 155156

    Raised by aunts following the death of his parents when he was 8 and 12 years old

  • 277of 763
    Ice-T is #277 on:

    Warner Bros. Records Complete Artist Roster

    views: 1335

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