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  • Jack Johnson: Best Songs Ever...

    Jack Johnson: Best Songs Ever...

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    Jack Johnson. Some of the best music to chill to. Hell my mom is a huge fan and my teenage daughter. Everybody loves Jack...don't they? Let's start a list...

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    Best Soft Rock Bands/Artists of All Time

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    These are truly the greatest soft rock bands of all time, since the most famous soft rock artists ever are listed, and the order is dec...

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    Folk music artists list, with photos, ranked best to worst by votes. List of good folk music bands includes a filter so you can sort by...

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    The Greatest Ukelele Players of All Time

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    The ukulele is a popular stringed instrument that provides a higher-pitched, smoother sound than the guitar. In fact, many famous guita...

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    Famous Firsts By African Americans

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    Heavyweight boxing champion

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    Bands That Can Suck it

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    we all know these bands suck. let's stop pretending.

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