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  • Janis Joplin Albums, Discography

    Janis Joplin Albums, Discography

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    List of all Janis Joplin albums including EPs and some singles - a discography of Janis Joplin CDs and Janis Joplin records. List includes Janis Joplin album cover artwork in many cases, and if we are missing an album co...more

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    Janis Joplin is currently #95 on:

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    RIP to our world's greatest achievers; those who changed the way we live and the ways we thought. This list of people we wish were stil...

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    Rock stars and drugs go together like football and beer: you could have one without the other and it would still be fun, but you would ...

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    Janis Joplin is currently #9 on:

    Rock Stars Whose Deaths Were The Most Untimely

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    Died 1970, age 27

  • 129of 147
    Janis Joplin is currently #129 on:

    The Best Frontmen in Rock

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    Giving out the title of best frontman in rock is like crowning someone the king of rock and roll. There are so many factors that go int...

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    The Best Female Vocalists Ever

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    Janis Joplin is currently #36 on:

    Rank the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

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    Inducted in 1995.

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    Janis Joplin is currently #17 on:

    The Best Rock Vocalists

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  • 8of 113
    Janis Joplin is currently #8 on:

    The Best One-Hit Wonders of the 1970s

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    “'Me and Bobby McGee': Peaked at #1 on March 20, 1971.”

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    The Best Singers Who Kind Of Mumble

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    This is a list of the best singers who kind of mumble while singing, as ranked my experts and fans like you.Many of the musicians on th...

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    Janis Joplin is #5 on:

    16 Celebrity Drug Overdoses We Should Have Seen Coming

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    An American singer and songwriter. She experimented with a variety of drugs and drank heavily throughout her life, and died at 27 from ...

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    Janis Joplin is #6 on:

    The Most Depressing Celebrity Trainwrecks of All Time

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    The queen of psychedelic rock and soul, Janis Joplin overdosed on heroin combined with alcohol. Before her death, besides being known a...

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    Janis Joplin is #11 on:

    The Greatest 60s Rock Artists

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    List of rock artists active in the 1960s, from surf to Woodstock. Which artists best defined music in the 1960s? Who were the most infl...

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    Janis Joplin is #16 on:

    Favorite Dead Rockers...

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    Whose your favorite rockers that are now deceased? Vote and add those that are missing...

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    Janis Joplin is #1 on:

    15 Top Legendary Acts at Woodstock 1969

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    Check out Janis Joplin at work and it make you wonder how some female singers get to call themselves singers now.

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    Janis Joplin is #8 on:

    Top 10 Female Vocalists

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    Best female vocalists

  • 112of 224
    Janis Joplin is #112 on:

    Famous Drug-related Deaths & Celebrity Drug Overdoses

    views: 211362

    Rock and roll and blues musician, heroin overdose.

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    Janis Joplin is #8 on:

    Cute Babies Who Grew Up to Be Music Stars

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