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  • Best Jerry Garcia Albums List

    Best Jerry Garcia Albums List

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    Jerry Garcia isn't just the frontman of the Grateful Dead, he's also one of the best singer/songwriters of all time. List of the best Jerry Garcia albums, including pictures of the album covers when available. This Jerry...more

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    Jerry Garcia is currently #151 on:

    The Greatest Songwriters of All Time

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    If you ask anyone who has ever tried, it's tough to write one song, nevertheless a batch to be considered a songwriter. Add to the mix ...

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    Jerry Garcia is currently #36 on:

    Rock Stars Whose Deaths Were The Most Untimely

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    Died 1995, age 53

  • 119of 227
    Jerry Garcia is currently #119 on:

    The Best Frontmen in Rock

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    Giving out the title of best frontman in rock is like crowning someone the king of rock and roll. There are so many factors that go int...

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    The Greatest Rock Songwriters of All Time

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    The greatest rock songwriters of all time have a lot in common. Firstly, they are some of the biggest names in rock music history. Thes...

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    Jerry Garcia is currently #9 on:

    The Druggiest Rock Stars of All Time

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    Rock stars and drugs go together like football and beer: you could have one without the other and it would still be fun, but you would ...

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    The Best Rock Vocalists

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    The best rock vocalists of all time are the frontmen of our favorite rock bands or those solo artists whose voices are some of the best...

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    Jerry Garcia is #48 on:

    Best Country Rock Bands/Artists

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    Jerry Garcia is #24 on:

    Favorite Dead Rockers...

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    Whose your favorite rockers that are now deceased? Vote and add those that are missing...

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    Jerry Garcia is #52 on:

    70+ Celebrities Who Were in the Military

    views: 7495

    Grateful Dead co-founder Jerry Garcia served in the US Army.

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    Jerry Garcia is #26 on:

    Famous Leo Celebrities

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    This list of famous Leos is a cross-section of all the most notable celebrity Leos and a description of Leo traits. Those born between ...

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    Jerry Garcia is #2 on:

    52 Famous Amputees

    views: 10282

    Grateful Dead musician Jerry Garcia lost a finger during a wood chopping accident when he was four years old.  He did not let the ...

  • 18of 52
    Jerry Garcia is #18 on:

    50+ Musicians of Irish Descent

    views: 811

    Jerry Garcia was of Spanish, Irish, and Swedish descent. With his band the Grateful Dead, he wrote such hit songs as "Friend of th...

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    Jerry Garcia is #9 on:

    15 Celebrities Who Have Their Own Ice Cream Flavor

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    One of the first celebrity inspired ice creams by Ben & Jerry's to hit the shelves was "Cherry Garcia." Inspired by Grate...

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    Jerry Garcia is #117 on:

    Specific People Places & Things in Fountains of Wayne Songs

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    Jerry Garcia is #39 on:

    Famous Banjo Players Top 50

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    This is a List of Famous Banjo Players with photos! These are musicians who are masters of their craft and some our pioneers of the Ban...

  • 10of 17
    Jerry Garcia is #10 on:

    17 Celebrities Who Have Been in a Coma

    views: 20487

    Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia went into a diabetic coma in 1985. He remained in the coma for five days.

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    Jerry Garcia is #44 on:

    103 Celebrities Who Have Entire Species Named After Them

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    Cryptocercus garciai (wood roach)

  • 310of 763
    Jerry Garcia is #310 on:

    Warner Bros. Records Complete Artist Roster

    views: 1241

  • 29of 49
    Jerry Garcia is #29 on:

    Musicians Who Went To Rehab

    views: 13552

    Jerry Garcia was actually at a drug rehab facility when he died form a heart attack in 1995.

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    Jerry Garcia is #277 on:

    Famous Lead Guitarists

    views: 19563

    Band Name: Grateful Dead

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