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    Jim Gaffigan is currently #14 on:

    The Funniest Stand Up Comedians of All Time

    views: 157770

    The greatest stand up comics all have one thing in common: they are funny comedians. These are the cream of the crop: the funniest stan...

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    Jim Gaffigan is currently #80 on:

    The Funniest People of All Time

    views: 139936

    The funniest people of all time are a mix of actors, comedians, and even a few people who probably didn't start off trying to be funny....

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    Jim Gaffigan is #16 on:

    The Greatest Videos of Comedians vs. Hecklers

    views: 63336

    Hecklers: (n) People who harass and try to disconcert others with questions, challenges, or gibes – they often think they're being real...

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    Jim Gaffigan is #14 on:

    The Funniest Celebrity Tweets of 2013

    views: 11379

    The funniest celebrity tweets of 2013 include some of the best celeb tweets of 2013 as well as some of the most random tweets of the ye...

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    Jim Gaffigan is #50 on:

    Catholic Celebrities

    views: 14114

    Jim Gaffigan is a Catholic, and he often jokes about the religion in his stand-up routines. He said, "I don’t know much about the ...

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    Jim Gaffigan is #25 on:

    26 Famous People from Huge Families

    views: 8799

    Comedian Jim Gaffigan was born the youngest of 6 children in an Irish Catholic family. He has 5 children of his own: Marre, Katie ...

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    Jim Gaffigan is #22 on:

    Celebrities Who Went to Boarding School

    views: 3799

    Comedian Jim Gaffigan attended the La Lumiere School in Indiana.

  • 39of 74
    Jim Gaffigan is #39 on:

    Celebrity Knicks Fans

    views: 5815

    List of Celebrity Knicks Fans ranked by fame and popularity. The New York Knicks basketball team has a lot of famous fans. Some celebs ...

  • 7of 11
    Jim Gaffigan is #7 on:

    Who Should be on "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee"?

    views: 323

    Who should be on Jerry Seinfeld's "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" next?  We'll pull down people who do get on after t...

  • 103of 146
    Jim Gaffigan is #103 on:

    The Greatest Unconventional Comedians of All Time

    views: 604

    What actually makes something funny? Are comedians funny because they make you laugh? Should everyone be in on the joke? Can something ...

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    Jim Gaffigan is #25 on:

    Comedians on Google Plus

    views: 8448

    Jim Gaffigan, whose successful comedy stand-up concerts include Mr. Universe and King Baby has also made appearances in Super Troopers,...

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    Jim Gaffigan is #5 on:

    The Top 10 Funniest Bearded Comedians

    views: 81227

    Jim Gaffigan is an everyperson's comic that likes to go off on stuff that, if you've ever been unemployed, lazy or caught up on tiny th...

  • 112of 315
    Jim Gaffigan is #112 on:

    American Stand-Up Comedians: The Best Comics In the USA

    views: 71589

    American comedians are some of the top rated stand up comedians in the world. And, these are the greatest stand up comedians this count...

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    Jim Gaffigan is #48 on:

    Celebrities with a Whole Bunch of Kids

    views: 3118

    Comedian Jim Gaffigan has five children with his wife, Jeannie Noth: Marre, Jack, Patrick, Katie, and Michael. He talks about havi...

  • 185of 205
    Jim Gaffigan is #185 on:

    Famous Boarding School Alumni

    views: 3417

    List of famous people who went to boarding school, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. For hundreds of years, rich and powerful fami...

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    Jim Gaffigan is #248 on:

    Famous People Who Went to Prep School

    views: 1284

    Many of the most powerful people in the world went to prep school. The children of wealthy parents - often "old money" and pr...


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