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  • Joe Strummer Albums, Discography

    Joe Strummer Albums, Discography

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    List of all Joe Strummer albums including EPs and some singles - a discography of Joe Strummer CDs and Joe Strummer records. List includes Joe Strummer album cover artwork in many cases, and if we are missing an album co...more

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    Joe Strummer is currently #83 on:

    The Greatest Songwriters of All Time

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    If you ask anyone who has ever tried, it's tough to write one song, nevertheless a batch to be considered a songwriter. Add to the mix ...

  • 48of 84
    Joe Strummer is currently #48 on:

    Rock Stars Whose Deaths Were The Most Untimely

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    Died 2002, age 50

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    Joe Strummer is currently #188 on:

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    Giving out the title of best frontman in rock is like crowning someone the king of rock and roll. There are so many factors that go int...

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    Joe Strummer is currently #44 on:

    Dead Musicians You Most Want to See Perform as Holograms

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    A hologram wish-list for dead musicians. At the Coachella Music Festival in April of 2012, a holographic image of the deceased rapper T...

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  • 54of 100
    Joe Strummer is #54 on:

    The Best Solo Artists Who Used to Front a Band

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    The Clash

  • 23of 49
    Joe Strummer is #23 on:

    Favorite Dead Rockers...

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    Whose your favorite rockers that are now deceased? Vote and add those that are missing...

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    59 Celebrities Who Weren't Born Where You Think

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  • 166of 334
    Joe Strummer is #166 on:

    Famous Rhythm Guitarists

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    Band Name: The Clash

  • 43of 70
    Joe Strummer is #43 on:

    Timeless Singer-Songwriters Worldwide

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    Timeless singer-songwriters worldwide. Unfinished and to be continued...This is not a popularity list, nor is it based on timely preced...

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    Joe Strummer is #34 on:

    Famous Boarding School Alumni

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    List of famous people who went to boarding school, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. For hundreds of years, rich and powerful fami...

  • 45of 53
    Joe Strummer is #45 on:

    Celebrities Who Are Runners

    views: 1444

    The Clash guitarist Joe Strummer was an avid runner. He completed the 1982 Paris Marathon with a rumored time of 4:20:00.

  • 275of 311
    Joe Strummer is #275 on:

    Famous People Who Went to Prep School

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    Many of the most powerful people in the world went to prep school. The children of wealthy parents - often "old money" and pr...

  • 31of 58
    Joe Strummer is #31 on:

    Celebrities Who Have Run Marathons

    views: 1089

    The Clash musician Joe Strummer ran the 1982 Paris Marathon. His finishing time is rumored to be around 4:20:00.

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