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    Athletes Who Spark the Most Fan Arguments

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    A list of athletes who are passionately loved and hated by sports fans. These divisive, controversial sports stars inspire both love an...

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    The Most Amusing Athlete Mug Shots

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    This list of the most amusing athlete mug shots capture those moments when our favorite professional athletes were arrested for one rea...

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    Famous Athletes, Famous Crimes

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    I took this list from Check it out for some fancy writing and details of the crimes. I think Plaxi...

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    35+ Celebrities Who Had Weight Loss Surgery

    views: 7241

    Golfer John Daly underwent a lap-band procedure in 2008. The procedure briefly helped Daly's golf game, but soon enough he felt that he...

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    29 Athletes of Irish Descent

    views: 628

    Golfer John Daly is of partial Irish descent. He won two major championships during his career.

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