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  • 382of 945
    John Elway is currently #382 on:

    The Best Athletes of All Time

    views: 134730

    The greatest athletes of all time: a list of the most dominant, iconic athletes to ever play sports. This list gathers sports star...

  • 8of 249
    John Elway is currently #8 on:

    The Best Football Players Ever

    views: 45465

    One of the hot topics of debate not only among NFL fans but pundits as well is who is the best football player of all time. It's a very...

  • 6of 108
    John Elway is currently #6 on:

    The Best Quarterbacks of All Time

    views: 199453

    This list of the greatest quarterbacks of all time only includes the best NFL quarterbacks to ever play professional football. Who are ...

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  • 14of 49
    John Elway is #14 on:

    Top Athletes That Started Successful Businesses

    views: 5305

    A list of top athletes who have turned the business world and started companies, going from the huddle to the boardroom. These athlete ...

  • 17of 21
    John Elway is #17 on:

    Celebrities Who Played Baseball in High School

    views: 2966

    Baseball and celebrities go together like America and apple pie. Since the game's beginnings in Cooperstown, N.Y. at the end of the 19t...

  • 4of 25
    John Elway is #4 on:

    Top 25 Greatest Quarterbacks Of All Time

    views: 22084

    Of all the lists I have done the hardest to rank was the quarterback position. Right from the start this list can give you fits. Such a...

  • 14of 100
    John Elway is #14 on:

    Top 100 Nfl Players of All Time

    views: 364

  • 236of 429
    John Elway is #236 on:

    Republican Celebrities List

    views: 2922

  • 1of 25
    John Elway is #1 on:

    25 Greatest Quarterbacks of All-time

    views: 53

  • 88of 431
    John Elway is #88 on:

    Celebs You Probably Didn't Realize Are Republican

    views: 1178231

    Conservative Celebrities - list of Republican celebrities has over 400 celebrities who are Republicans. What celebrities are republican...

  • 53of 102
    John Elway is #53 on:

    100+ Celebrities in Got Milk Ads

    views: 723

    Got Milk was an advertising campaign created for the California Milk Processor Board in 1993, that encouraged people to drink more cow'...

  • 36of 114
    John Elway is #36 on:

    Celebrities with Twins

    views: 66540

    A List of Celebrities with Twins, with photos! This list includes both fraternal and identical twins. Only 2% of the world's population...

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    John Elway is #7 on:

    NFL Career Passing Touchdown Leaders

    views: 67

    Leading Career Passing Touchdown Leaders in NFL History

  • 12of 29
    John Elway is #12 on:

    29 Athletes of Irish Descent

    views: 382

    NFL player John Elway is of partial Irish and partial Lebanese descent. The Denver Broncos quarterback was chosen first in the NFL draf...


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