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  • Best Jon Stewart Movies

    Best Jon Stewart Movies

    by Reference views: 2247

    List of the best Jon Stewart movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Jon Stewart's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions around t...more

  • Jon-isms: Funny Jon Stewart Quotes

    Jon-isms: Funny Jon Stewart Quotes

    by Notable Quotables views: 12665

    Jon Stewart once said 'Insomnia is my greatest inspiration.' Taking inspiration from this Jon Stewart quote, we can now have a list of all Jon Stewart quotes, gaffes and other Jon-isms. Read all the funny Jon Stewart quo...more

  • My Favorite Jon Stewart PWNS

    My Favorite Jon Stewart PWNS

    by analise.dubner views: 7615

    This is far from a complete list, Jon routinely pulls back the curtain on the media, but these are some of the most memorable moments for me, personally. There's nothing better than watching someone else actually say and...more

  • Hot Jon Stewart Photos

    Hot Jon Stewart Photos

    by ChristieBuckner views: 1953

    The hottest Jon Stewart pictures from around the Web, including Jon Stewart shirtless pics and Jon Stewart muscle pics. Best known as the host of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the satirical news reporter is considered...more

  • Top Clips of Jon Stewart Destroying Fox News

    Top Clips of Jon Stewart Destroying Fox News

    by melodyyan views: 97083

    These are the top clips of Jon Stewart destroying Fox News. The last few weeks have spawned some of the greatest moments that Jon Stewart's Daily Show has ever seen. Showing the American public why Fox News is the worst ...more

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    Jon Stewart is currently #72 on:

    The Funniest Stand Up Comedians of All Time

    views: 192072

    The greatest stand up comics all have one thing in common: they are funny comedians. These are the cream of the crop: the funniest stan...

  • 222of 279
    Jon Stewart is currently #222 on:

    The Biggest Douchebags in Hollywood

    views: 1293366

    The biggest douchebags in Hollywood are the people we love to hate and wish we could remove from our happy, cozy world. These people ar...

  • 80of 278
    Jon Stewart is currently #80 on:

    The Funniest People of All Time

    views: 153586

    The funniest people of all time are a mix of actors, comedians, and even a few people who probably didn't start off trying to be funny....

  • 4of 25
    Jon Stewart is currently #4 on:

    All-Time Greatest Late Night Talk Show Hosts

    views: 12166

    The all-time greatest late night talk show hosts have entertained us for years as we drift off to sleep. These hosts are charismatic, o...

  • 12of 61
    Jon Stewart is currently #12 on:

    The Most Influential Contemporary Americans

    views: 215619

    A list of the Americans who have had the most central influence on, or importance to, the modern era. This would include Americans who ...

  • 16of 61
    Jon Stewart is currently #16 on:

    The Hottest Silver Foxes

    views: 85017

    Silver foxes are among the sexiest older men on the planet. A bit of gray streaked into a full head of hair on a man with weathered goo...

  • 95of 129
    Jon Stewart is currently #95 on:

    The Most Annoying TV Hosts

    views: 133114

    The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

  • 14of 25
    Jon Stewart is currently #14 on:

    Celebrities Who Deserve Their Own Postage Stamp

    views: 77949

    The U.S. Postal Service has announced that going forth, living people can now be featured on stamps. This leaves the field of potential...

  • 8of 17
    Jon Stewart is currently #8 on:

    The Best Oscar Hosts Ever

    views: 29886

    Hosted: 2006 and 2008

  • 10of 46
    Jon Stewart is currently #10 on:

    The Most Influential People of 2012

    views: 9191

    The most influential people of 2012 include world leaders, CEOs, athletes, actors, musicians and many others who made an impact on the ...

  • 38of 43
    Jon Stewart is currently #38 on:

    Celebrities You Want To See Play Survivor

    views: 8958

    Celebrities you want to see play "Survivor" are the kookiest, most high profile and just plain interesting celebrities who yo...

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    Jon Stewart is currently #12 on:

    The Best Original MTV VJs

    views: 80690

    List of former and original MTV VJs with photos where possible. A VJ on MTV (sometimes spelled MTV VeeJays) was originally just a DJ, M...

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  • 25of 28
    Jon Stewart is #25 on:'s The Funniest People in America

    views: 3940

    EW's list of the funniest people in America. These comedians are at the top of their game and keep the jokes coming. For the full artic...

  • 83of 100
    Jon Stewart is #83 on:

    Forbes 100 Most Powerful Celebrities

    views: 24265

    The Power 100 list from Forbes contains the 100 most powerful people in Hollywood and the highest paid celebrities. The richest actors,...

  • 26of 33
    Jon Stewart is #26 on:'s Smartest People In TV

    views: 5970

    Sure, they call it the boob tube, but it takes some pretty big brains to make it in the TV biz. We polled Hollywood insiders to ID the ...

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  • 4of 97
    Jon Stewart is #4 on:

    The Funniest Jewish Comedians And Actors

    views: 5321

    This list contains information about the funniest stand-up comedians and comedic actors who are Jewish, ranked by your votes. Several o...

  • 8of 12
    Jon Stewart is #8 on:

    TV Personalities You'd Want to Play Drinking Games With

    views: 2229

    Host of "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central, Stewart could easily be the poster-child for drinking games. He is beloved by man...

  • 2of 20
    Jon Stewart is #2 on:

    Celebrities Who Played Soccer in High School

    views: 12740

    Celebrities who played soccer in high school all once shared a passion for what Americans call soccer and what others call football. Th...

  • 24of 28
    Jon Stewart is #24 on:

    Famous Sagittarius Celebrities

    views: 976

    This list of famous Sagittarius is a cross-section of all the most notable celebrity Sagittarius and a description of Sagittarius trait...

  • 11of 28
    Jon Stewart is #11 on:

    The Most Left Wing People In America

    views: 11793

    The most far left people in America. Including celebrities, politicians, journalists, activists, etc.

  • 28of 29
    Jon Stewart is #28 on:

    Celebrities Who Were Once Roommates

    views: 95548

    The host of "The Daily Show" and former Representative of New York lived together in a summer house in Delaware in 1987.

  • 8of 29
    Jon Stewart is #8 on:

    29 Celebrities Who Adopted Pit Bulls

    views: 3889

    "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart can be seen around New York with his pit bulls, Monkey and Shamsky.

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    Jon Stewart is #12 on:

    Celebrity Knicks Fans

    views: 6849

    List of Celebrity Knicks Fans ranked by fame and popularity. The New York Knicks basketball team has a lot of famous fans. Some celebs ...

  • 14of 21
    Jon Stewart is #14 on:

    Best Looking Living Male Comedians

    views: 979

    Why is it that most really funny comedians are actually kinda funny looking themselves?  These guys actually buck that trend by be...

  • 25of 31
    Jon Stewart is #25 on:

    Best Esquire Covers

    views: 3202

    Esquire - July 2001

  • 13of 159
    Jon Stewart is #13 on:

    Famous Humorists

    views: 21119

    A list of humorists, both old and new. A humorist is a writer who specializes in humorous material. Unlike comedy writers though, who g...

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    Jon Stewart is #80 on:

    The Highest Paid Celebrities of 2013

    views: 14647

    $16 million

  • 19of 360
    Jon Stewart is #19 on:

    Celebrities You Didn't Know Use Stage Names

    views: 363144

    List of celebrities with stage names, loosely ranked according to fame and popularity. It's tough to break into show business, but a go...

  • 283of 315
    Jon Stewart is #283 on:

    American Stand-Up Comedians: The Best Comics In the USA

    views: 76675

    American comedians are some of the top rated stand up comedians in the world. And, these are the greatest stand up comedians this count...

  • 25of 62
    Jon Stewart is #25 on:

    Celebrities Who Smoke Weed

    views: 10231

    "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart has said, "Do you know how many movies I wrote when I was high?"

  • 14of 22
    Jon Stewart is #14 on:

    22 Celebrities Who Were on School Sports Teams

    views: 33228

    The College of William and Mary: soccer

  • 12of 26
    Jon Stewart is #12 on:

    26 Celebrities Who Quit Smoking

    views: 26267

    "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart quit smoking in 2000.

  • 41of 100
    Jon Stewart is #41 on:

    Comedy Central's 100 Greatest Stand-Ups Of All Time

    views: 866

    The official Comedy Central list published in 2004.

  • 6of 37
    Jon Stewart is #6 on:

    37 Famous People Who Were Raised by Single Mothers

    views: 4891

    Jon Stewart's parents, Marian and Donald Leibowitz, divorced when the "Daily Show" host was 11 years old, at which point...


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