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    Karl Malone is currently #15 on:

    The Top NBA Players Of All Time

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    The Greatest Power Forwards in NBA History

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    The Greatest NBA Centers of All Time

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    Karl Malone is currently #2 on:

    The Top NBA Players with No Championship Rings

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    Karl Malone is currently #36 on:

    Athletes Who Waited Too Long To Retire

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    Karl Malone is #2 on:

    Best Utah Jazz of All Time

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    A list of the best Utah Jazz of all time. Originally based in New Orleans, the Jazz moved to Utah in 1979, which explains its confusing...

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    Karl Malone is #284 on:

    Celebs You Probably Didn't Realize Are Republican

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    Karl Malone is #6 on:

    10 Athletes Who Would Make Great Politicians

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    Karl Malone would be the perfect Governor of Utah. Click here to read why.

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    Karl Malone is #253 on:

    Republican Celebrities List

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    Karl Malone is #32 on:

    40+ Celebrities Who Have Kids with 3 or More People

    views: 17768

    NBA player Karl Malone has seven children with three different women:-Kadee Malone (born 1991), Kylee Malone (born 1993), Kar...

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    Karl Malone is #38 on:

    47 Famous People Who Own Guns

    views: 13185

    NBA player Karl Malone is a hunter and owns a gun, but he doesn't think that NBA players should carry a gun to practices or games.

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    Karl Malone is #1 on:

    29 Famous Celebrity Deadbeat Dads

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    You may know him as one of the greatest NBA players of all time but he’s also (lesser) known for 1) blowing off his 3 children during m...

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    Karl Malone is #2 on:

    Best 90's Basketball Players

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