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    Best Namco Games List

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    List of the best Namco games with images, including any well-known Namco made games for any platform and console. This list may not con...

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    The 10 Greatest Video Game Characters with Daddy Issues

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    The Prince, Katamari SeriesDADDY ISSUESParenting Your Parents, Inadequacy, Need For ApprovalWHERE THEY COME FROMWhere do your daddy iss...

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    Top 10 Video Games That Should Be Considered Art

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    Here's a list of the top video games out there that could - and should - be considered art. These are games that don't just have good g...

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    List of Canceled Video Games

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    A complete list of all canceled video games. Cancelled games are a drag. Video Game cancellations happen all the time. and it's always ...

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    The Most Infuriating Death Screens In Video Game History

    views: 98675

    Few things are worse than a lecture, and no expense is spared when your father, the King of all Cosmos is giving you a lecture when you...


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