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    The Most Hated Active NBA Players

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    Who are the most hated active NBA players? Clearly, this list is totally subjective. A player who is worshipped by fans of one team is ...

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    Worst Athletes of 2011

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    Best Brooklyn Nets of All Time

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    A list of the best Brooklyn Nets of all time. Before the team moved to Brooklyn and the sparkling new Barclays Center in 2012 to become...

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    The Best NBA Centers 2013-14

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    Boston Celtics

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    Kris Humphries is #43 on:

    52 Famous People Who (Probably) Have Herpes

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    Kris Humphries is another celebrity who was sued for allegedly giving someone herpes.

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    Best NBA Lockout Story

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    Possibly taking the title for what not to do during the NBA lockout, New Jersey Nets star Kris Humphries doubled as a reality televisio...

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    Kim Kardashian's Loves & Hookups

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    The Most Egregious Male Gold Diggers

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    Kris Humphries is #31 on:

    Famous People with Rolls Royces

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    NBA player Kris Humphries owns a silver/gray Rolls Royce Phantom.

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    Kris Humphries is #30 on:

    NBA- Best Free Agents Of 2014

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